Matthew Autterson Accomplishments

Matthew Autterson is one of the prominent figures in the finance world. Matthew has been in the industry for twenty-five years, and he has a lot of expertise in finance activities. Autterson has worked in several banking institutions in his entire career. His educational background has played a key role in his success.


The finance expert went to the prestigious Michigan Stet University where he acquired a B.A in Finance in the year 1980. After his first degree, he went to the University of Denver to further his studies in tax activities. After graduating from the tax program, the businessman was hired by several companies.


Matthew Autterson started his career by working at the First Trust Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of Fiserv. He, however, left the company after several months to look for greener pastures. His passion for the finance world motivated him to join a team of individuals who wanted to start their chartered trust company. The New York based institution did very well, providing financial services to high net worth individuals, organizations and corporations.


In 1986, Matthew Autterson was appointed to serve as the president in the trust company. According to the board of directors, the finance expert had proven that he had all the skills to lead the institution to greater heights. In 1986, the trust company was acquired by the prestigious Broad Inc. The firm changed its name several times after that.


The Resources Trust Company was sold to Fiserv in May 2001. Before the sale was completed, the organization was considered to be among the biggest state insured trust company in the United States. The company would offer clients depository and other custodial services. According to the company portfolio, there were more than two hundred thousand clients by the time it was acquired. There were over fifteen thousand financial advisors who were independent too. The institution had done very well in the market, and it had over twenty billion dollars in assets. The institution gave seven hundred individuals employment opportunities.


Apart from being a leader in the finance world, Matthew Autterson is also a member of several boards of directors. The businessman is part of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. At this position, Matthew has worked hard to ensure that the institution increases its profits. The businessman is also respected for his contributions to the society. Whenever he is not working, Autterson loves spending time helping the needy people in the community. He also uses some of his wealth to support community causes.


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