Lay That (Lip Balm) On Me!

Take just a moment, right now, to give a thought about good old lips…chances are, you have already pursed your own lips a little, as part of your thinking-routine. Purse them a little more, and you may be signaling annoyance. When thwarted, you may stick out your lower lip out in a pout. We part our lips wide to laugh, and we pucker them up to kiss…or blow raspberries. We lick ’em when we’re nervous, and sometimes, our lips open in a vast, surprised gape of delight–or fright. Our lips certainly have their work cut out for them!
Not so long ago, lipstick was the only lip-product in the arsenal of a woman’s makeup kit. Over the years, lip balms have become the first line of defense against flaking, cracking lips. Today’s lip balms may contain coconut, argan and avocado oils; mango seed and cocoa butters; marine extracts, beeswax, sugar-scrubs, even old-fashioned petroleum jelly. Lip balms are everywhere, and almost every woman’s bag contains at least one.

In a world of dry winds, harsh sun, chlorinated pools and salty seawater, Evolution of Smooth lip balms soothe and protect your hardworking lips. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are very affordable and widely available via eBay. As a company dedicated to smooth and healthy lips and skin, all EOS products are made with wonderfully nourishing ingredients. Shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E pack a real protection-punch for your lips, and the luscious scents and tints make them look just as good as they smell and feel.

Another feature of EOS lip balm is that it comes in appealing little round, colorful containers. As popular as the balm itself, the easy-to-hold, twist-top spheres can be seen in women’s hands just about anywhere..including those of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani…all women whose lives and lips are always on display. And you heard it straight from our lips!

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