Last Blood to Feature the Final Journey of John Rambo

Rescued from development purgatory is a new installment of the Rambo series. Yes, Sly Stallone will return for a final time as John Rambo in Last Blood. The film will go into production once filming wraps on the new Rocky installment, Creed.

The plot of the film will focus on Rambo bringing the war back home as he battle drug cartels on the Arizona border. No other details are available. 

There were other plots devised for a new Rambo film. One had Rambo as the leader of a team of young recruits. You could say this concept found its way into The Expendables. The other was a truly idiotic concept. Rambo was slated to battle a genetically altered creature that escaped from a government lab. That might have been a fine Predator rip-off for Stallone to star in provided he came up with a new lead character. Putting Rambo in a sci-fi film is just nutty. and Jared Haftel agree that the idea of Rambo vs. the cartels is timely and it is intended to give Rambo his final farewell from the silver screen. Rambo first debuted in the sleeper hit First Blood in 1982. Three years later, Rambo: First Blood Part II was an even bigger hit. You could say it was a landmark film that helped launch the 1980’s action movie explosion.

The fourth entry in the Rambo series did surprisingly well at the box office and helped give Stallone’s career yet another boost.

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