Keep Your Lips Smooth And Inviting

There’s little which is more of a “turn off” than disgusting lips. They’ll get to that point, too; if you let them. Your lips should be smooth, sensuous, moist but not overcome with wetness, shimmering but not an eyesore. In a word: your lips should be inviting. Now, there are no end of lipsticks and lip balms out there which are designed to make your lips look more sensuous; but there are some of them that bring sensuality at the expense of your overall health.
Certain sticks and balms can give your lips that scarlet sensuousness, but only by leaving a kind of thrush which surrounds the edges of your lips perpetually as you use the cosmetic. Then there are those which sell themselves as completely healthy, but don’t seem to do anything for you. What you’re looking for is a proper marriage between these extremes wherein maximum sensuality is derived in a way which is completely healthy. To that end, Evolution of Smooth has some lip balms that definitely fit the bill. See,

Evolution of Smooth uses dermatologists to ensure all their lip balms are safe for use. No parabens are used as preservatives, there is no petrolatum in the balm either. What is in each sphere or stick are heady doses of vitamins and minerals amenable to proper lip health.

Expect Evolution of Smooth lip balms to include Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil. They come in single or multi-packs, and there are three main families of lip balm. The shimmer smooth series which brings eye-catching, sensuous lip health to the user, the visibly soft smooth series, and the balms designed for lip protection in harsh climates. These are available on Ulta in sticks and spheres, and can help you have the sexiest lips around without there being any health risk. For more info, visit the EOS Linked In page. Visit their website


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