Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play Snowden in New Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been chosen to play whistle-blower Edward Snowden in a new film directed by Oliver Stone according to USA Today. The actor and Snowden bear a striking resemblance to one another, making the actor a shoe in for the movie. The film is still untitled but is set to start production in January.

Stone is not only directing, he also wrote the screenplay for the movie based on two books about the young NSA contractor who leaked government information. He soon fled the country and is now living in Moscow. Snowden became a household name in 2013 when he blew the whistle on the United States governments surveillance program. He is now the main character in several books and now several films.

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  1. Murray Sunday (Post author)

    With Stone writing and directing the movie and Gordon-Levitt plating the title role, this should be the best movie being released about the scandal. I know for sure that what will be granted to them in due season.

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