John Wick will be Back

The film “John Wick” was a surprise hit last year for Keanu Reeves. The film featured Reeves as a retired hit-man who was brought back into the profession for personal reasons, where he was looking for revenge against those who wronged him. SlideShare reported that the film was such a hit with movie-goers, like Paul Mathieson, that “John Wick” will become a sequel.

According to the story on, it has been officially announced that a sequel to the film is in the works. The original film starred Keanu Reeves as John Wick, with David Leitch and Chad Stahelski directing, and Derek Kolstad who wrote the film. All parties will be back to work on the sequel film.

The President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions for Lionsgate Productions, Jason Constantine, said that they felt that John Wick’s story was not quite complete yet. He went on to say in his press release that everyone at Lionsgate are excited to have Reeves, Leitch, Stahelski, and Kolstad back on board to work on the sequel together.

I, for one, am really excited to hear that there will be a second film with John Wick. The first film was a real surprise. I knew that the film would be an action movie but the ride it took the viewer on was not what I expected. Reeves was great as a hit-man seeking revenge and redemption. I can’t wait to see what he does in the sequel!

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