Jeff Aronin: The Pharmaceutical Underdog

Paragon Biosciences — a leader in the pharmaceutical industry — has been making steady progress in recent years. Paragon which is lead by Jeff Aronin is an innovative company attempting to discover cures for rare diseases and conditions that are, as of yet, untreated. Paragon is working diligently to save as many lives as possible.


Leading Companies

There are over 6,000 diseases in the world that have no treatment options available. Paragon is setting out to make that number as small as possible. Paragon Biosciences has a few privately held pharmaceutical companies under their wing. These privately held companies are making progress towards creating a treatment for some of the rarer untreated diseases across the globe.

Castle Creek is working towards treating rare conditions in the dermatology field of medicine. Harmony Biosciences, on the other hand, works to treat sleep and central nervous system disorders. Decade is a research and development company that is working on Alzheimer’s treatments. Precision BP is working towards treating rare genetic oncology diseases. This portfolio of companies under the wing of Paragon Biosciences are employing scientists in the pharmaceuticals industry to help combat these rare and complex diseases.

At the helm of Paragon is Jeff Aronin. Jeff has been CEO of Paragon since 2010. Heading up an innovative company such as Paragon isn’t easy, but Jeff was the right pick. He has a massive portfolio. Before heading up Paragon, Aronin was president of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc., a company that he founded. In 2009 Ovation was acquired by Lundbeck. During this acquisition, Jeff acted as president and chief officer of Lundbeck.

Jeff Aronin brings his extensive experience and proven leadership to Paragon. Jeffs experience in finance and business development has shaped Paragon into a modern bastion in the pharmaceutical industry. Paragon is constantly working towards developing treatments for some of the rarest and most complex diseases in the world.

Jeff Aronin is pushing Paragon Biosciences towards the future. Paragons work in the pharmaceutical industry is starting to make a mark. With several important treatments in development, Paragon is helping treat those who go untreated. Aronin is the perfect man to lead such an ambitious company. Hopefully, this ambition will pay off because, if it does, thousands of lives could be saved.

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