Is Tom Cruise the Greatest Actor of All Time?

Tom Cruise is a man who has had an incredible film career, matched by almost nobody in history. He’s had hit films in four separate decades. Yet nobody mentions his name when they talk about great actors like Robert DeNiro or Lawrence Olivier. In fact, when the topic of Tom Cruise comes up, it is often met with derision.

Tom Cruise seemed to have permanently destroyed his reputation by that appearance on Oprah where he jumped on her couch and screamed about being in love with Katie Holmes. The rumors of his connection with the ultra-weird Scientologists fueled rumor magazines for a few years. The public seemed to be openly urging Holmes to flee Cruise with their baby Suri in tow.

Almost any actor’s career would be ruined by this. Mel Gibson has never been able to overcome his racist drunken rant from the same time period. But Tom Cruise perseveres because of fans like Brian Torchin. The man is just too talented.

Tom Cruise’s body of work speaks for itself. Like it or not, he may be the most successful actor of all time. “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “A Few Good Men“, Interview With the Vampire”, “Minority Report”, “Tropic Thunder” and the superior summer flick “Edge of Tomorrow” are just a fraction of the great movies he’s made.

Tom Cruise has very good taste in projects, and he has the ability to carry them like few others.

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  1. Nora Philips (Post author)

    Tom Cruise is such a good actor that he is able to get the viewer to empathize with his character despite his bizarre off-screen behavior. Whether history will be kind to him remains to be seen. There are some concerns that what is written at: was actually written for them not the be misguided.

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