How Stephen Murray Achieved Success For CCMP Capital

It is said that great leadership can turn the tides for the worst of times in a company’s life. If the times are good, great CEOs can turn them into gold. Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital and the reason why this NY based private equity firm is so successful is all because of the great work of its former CEO. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a visionary who not only worked for CCMP Capital but also had board seats for Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Infogroup, Crestcom International, and Octagon Credit. He died this year at the age of 52 years.

What is the reason behind the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital? How did Stephen Murray help CCMP capital and what were the secrets behind his success? The following points answer these questions in detail –

He Was A Leader Unafraid Of Challenges – CCMP Capital did so well under Stephen Murray because he was a unique leader who loved challenges that were generated by outside sources. He took challenges head on but was never impulsive with his decision. All the decisions he took were decided after much thought and deliberation. At the same time, he was capable of making quick decisions for CCMP Capital which ensured that opportunities were not lost due to wastage of time.

He Understood Failure As A Mechanism For Growth – Stephen Murray always told the members of the company to not be afraid of failure. He was extremely experienced in the field of private equity investment and, as such, there was rarely a situation that he couldn’t deal with. Even after all this time, he still understood that failure was a part of life and professionals need to use their failures as tools for growth and development. He made it a point to inculcate this habit in his peers and employees as well.

He Was Excellent In Communication – No one can become a great leader without knowing that communication is important. Stephen Murray had a personal communication style. He liked knowing about the people who were working with him and it made him happy to share stories about his own life with his people. He was extremely perceptive and a good judge of character which, combined with his jovial and open attitude, helped his employees trust him. He had the unique ability to make anyone comfortable around himself.

He Loved His Work – The biggest reason why CCMP Capital has done so well is because it has a knack for choosing leaders who are in love with their job. Stephen Murray was one of those people who liked working more than anything. Despite that, he still found time to spend with his family and friends.

It was because of these reasons that Stephen Murray was the best CEO for CCMP Capital.

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