How Renewing Cells Can Renew Your Life

There are many things that we as humans, tend to take for granted. Many times, we forget to appreciate our vision, or our hearing; we forget to stop and breathe. Some people don’t realize that until they are unfortunate enough to develop an issue with their lungs, and even if they wanted to, they can’t just stop and smell the roses. Thankfully, we live in a world with many advancements in medicine and technology, with facilities focused on specialized services.

The Lung Institute, with locations in Tampa, Scottsdale, Nashville, Pittsburgh, and Dallas, has made it their objective to help those affected “Breathe Easier”, as their slogan says. They treat everything from COPD to pulmonary fibrosis with personalized treatments. One of the main, and possibly most successful, treatments is a stem cell transplant. Stem cells are an essential part of our foundation on a cellular level. They are used specifically because they renew and replicate themselves. According to the BCM, the Lung Institute collects the recipients own cells, called autologous stem cells, through either their blood or bone marrow. They then reintroduce the cells back into the patient’s body, where they move through their blood stream before getting trapped in their lungs. There, the cells begin the process of renewing themselves and healing the underlying issue.

With specialized physicians and cutting-edge technology, the Lung Institute is the leader of lung disease treatment centers. They not only focus on the issue at hand, they also get to know their patients. They can’t set up a personalized treatment plan without knowing what the patient needs and enjoys doing most in life. Most patient testimonials explain how incredibly happy they are to be able to have a normal life. Things like taking a shower without running out of breath, or being able to go outside to mow the grass become possible again. One patient specifically said that after 2 months he already felt a huge difference. Many longtime users of oxygen are even able to come off altogether! Don’t wait another day to talk to your physician about whether you are a possible candidate for stem cell therapy.

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