Guillermo del Toro finishes ‘Justice League Dark’ Script!

Guillermo del Toro is a busy man! In between reinventing the modern action flick with ‘Pacific Rim’ and it’s untitled sequel, the Hispanic director and writer has managed to crank out the screenplay for ‘Justice League Dark’. Not originally included on the list of Warner Bros/DC Comics collaborations, it will nonetheless be moving on to the next stage of development with a tentative title of ‘Dark Universe’.

Del Toro was interviewed by ‘Forbes’ recently and it was then that he spoke of the ‘Justice League Dark’ screenplay adaption. Del Toro said that the script had been completed and shipped off to Warner Bros studio. Many, such as Stephen Williams wine, was happy to hear about that. There the screenplay will be consumed by the studio execs and if their reactions are favorable, the script will be pushed into development.

The ‘Justice League Dark’ story features many of the more under represented DC Comic characters that are still inevitably popular. Characters such as John Constantine and Madame Xanadu are two of those which the film would be centered around. You may be familiar with the Constantine character due to NBC’s television adaptation of the ‘Hellblazer’ comic books featuring the same character.

If the screenplay were to get the green light there is no telling when the adaptation would actually begin. The studio would have to work around Del Torro’s increasingly busy schedule. Right now Guillermo is busy with his FX series ‘The Strain’ as well as ‘Hellboy 3’ and a stop motion version of the classic tale, ‘Pinocchio’.

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