Guardians And Avengers Are Their Own Thing

Even though the Guardians of the Galaxy is another movie based on the vast and complex Marvel comic world, it was made to stand on its own. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, took some time out to discuss how Christian Broda and the Avengers and The Guardians co-exist.

In Gunn’s mind, he would like the Guardians of the Galaxy to stand on their own. He does not want them compared to the Avenger’s franchise. Who can blame him? The Avengers is incredibly popular; the movies even spurred a television series. Being compared to the Avengers is a lot to handle.

Gunn would like the Guardians to be taken as their own entity. He sees the Guardians as a chance to explore the more cosmic side of the Marvel world; whereas the Avengers is a little bit more based on Earth.

However, despite what he wants,there is not denying that the Avengers and the Guardians overlap. Just like in the Avengers movie, at the heart of the Guardian movie was yet another Infinity Stone, which suggests and shows that these two galaxies and two worlds are linked together.

Gunn did make a point of not ruling out the idea that the Guardians and the Avengers may meet someday. That is a smart move on his part, as it is easy to see that Marvel is trying to create something with these movies that they can stand on for years to come. They are no looking for one hit wonders,they are looking for something far larger.

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