Glen Wakeman’s Expertise at Identifying Growing Companies

There are so many new businesses and ideas being developed at all times and with the rise of social media it can almost seem easy to build up a brand/business. However, real business experts know that even the best ideas need to execute a well thought out strategy — that is where Glen Wakeman and his company (LaunchPad Holdings, LLC) have found their niche (Crunchbase). By taking the potential energies of newly founded companies and turning them into kinetic and well-oiled machines Wakeman has built a reputation as one of the “go-to guys” when it comes to growing a brand new business.

Wakeman has always been fascinated by the concept of new businesses and he sought out to figure out why so many of them, even ones with genius ideas, would fail so magnificently. He learned quickly that it boiled down to these new startups having a frenzied and unorganized business model. By founding LaunchPad Holdings, Wakeman would use his expertise in finding and providing matching costs in addition to his ability to come up with a detailed and dynamic business plan. Not to mention the fact that Glen Wakeman has considerable international business experience — he has lived/worked in six different countries and ran businesses in over 30 different global regions; this international expertise is proof that his concepts and ideals in the business world can be successful no matter where Wakeman is physically located.

LaunchPad Holdings is a natural outlet for Wakeman’s unending curiosity in the business world and meshes perfectly with his willingness to listen to and try out new ideas ( In the constantly changing business world a good startup is one that can adapt with ease to changes in their respective field, and LaunchPad (under Wakeman’s guide) has been able to do a phenomenal job in creating business plans that expect the unexpected.

For startup owners things like capital raising, angel investing, and other financial measures can be considered intimidating. Luckily, companies like LaunchPad Holdings exist to help mesh the passion of entrepreneurs with the business acumen of experienced leaders such as Glen Wakeman. Locally or internationally, Glen Wakeman has made a career of giving startups the clear, well-organized plan they need to launch their business into the next phase.


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