Get Local, Get A Vacation Rental In London

Whether you are looking for a museum to admire, a place to dance the night away, or a beautiful park to stroll along–London is your one stop destination. There is no wonder why it is one of the most popular vacation destinations for tourists, raking in about 16.8 million visitors in 2013. The streets are a study in antithesis. Tradition is juxtaposed against modernity. Ravers, business people, artists, and families can all find something wonderful to do in London to satisfy one (if not all) of their interests. A vacation rental is the best way to immerse oneself in a truly local experience and get the most out of a trip.

London Vacation Rentals differ from hotels in several ways. Instead of booking a room like in a hotel, vacation rentals rent out a fully furnished house or apartment. These come with fully functional amenities including private bathrooms, kitchens, washers, dryers, televisions, and more depending on the property rented. Vacation rentals also offer extra space to stretch your legs after a day of exploring the Thames or shopping along in Mayfair. Another factor separating vacation rentals and hotels is the privacy one gets from having their own personal space. Much like hotels though, pricing is dependent on where and how long the stay is, but there are spaces for each price point from budget to luxury.

There are so many websites for a traveler to scout out that perfect vacation rental that it can easily become overwhelming. WorldEscape offers an easy and secure way to search for the right place to fit your needs. They ease the process by their well organized site which gives details about each of the hand-picked rental properties available. Making a decision on where to stay during a trip can make or break an experience. Each home or apartment is handpicked by the people at WorldEscape. Photos, a property description, a list of amenities, a neighbor guide, and a map feature all create an involved experience which allows you to really get a feel for the vacation rental before seeing it in person.

The reservation process for World Escape is online with a secure and safe payment process. You either book directly and get a confirmation of the booking immediately or you request to book the property and will receive an approval or disapproval within 24 hours. Once booked, you will be given the contact information for your personal greeter from WorldEscape who will meet you at the property and give you the keys. After that, London is your oyster.

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