George Soros is Optimistic for America but Leery of President Trump

Democratic supporter George Soros is a leading party supporter. He is known for his generous contributions to democratic candidates and their causes. In 2016 he was one of the main financial supporters for Hillary Clinton. Soros gave large sums of money to get her into office. However, republican Donald Trump ended up gaining the victory.

President Trump is now the leader of the nation and many people do not want him to be in charge. Soros is one of those individuals that honestly believes that the U.S. will suffer under the current president’s rule.

George Soros sees President Trump as an incompetent individual who is not fit for office. He also views Trump as a quasi-dictator. Democratic supporter Soros knows that Trump cannot seize control of the U.S. because of it constitutions and institutions. Still, that does not mean that the current president cannot create a lot of problems for many American people.

Soros believes that Trump will be bad for business. As a matter of fact he plans on distancing himself from this field now that Trump has taken charge. The billionaire on also claims that the president has the wrong type of people around him giving advice. He views these individuals as extremists who have their own agenda for ruining America.

While George Soros is leery about the president; he very optimistic about America. He believes that minorities within the U.S. will suffer from problems during President Trump’s 4-year term. However, they will be able to pull through these troubling times.

George Soros also sees America’s role in the world diminishing. He believes America will no longer be the standard bearer for democracy on the planet. Instead, the nation will be dealing with a lot of internal problems.

Soros does not want the American people to walk away feeling bad about themselves or their country. He realizes that the United States is a very resilient place that is loaded with lots of opportunities and freedoms. Soros does not want any of these rights to be eroded or diminished over the next 4-years.

Keep in mind that Soros gave his personal friends and colleagues a cheerful greeting on Forbes during the holiday season in 2016. He is also doing the same thing for the American people in 2017. This old but very astute political observer often looks at the big picture of politics. When he realizes that a leader is not fit to be in charge; he will point out this fact so that others can also take notice.

Many democrats are now gearing up for the year 2020. They want President Trump to be a one-term leader on Business Insider. They are strategizing and looking for new democratic candidates into office. President Trump might be a one-term leader and that would suit Soros just fine.

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