George Soros and Others Add $15 Million To Beat the Republican Candidate.


In an effort to spur more Latino voters away from the Republicans and entice voters to support the Democratic candidates in November, George Soros and other Democratic supporters are bankrolling a new $15 million campaign to try and entice immigrant voters to support their Democratic political choices as presidential candidates

George Soros has already contributed $6 million in December to Priorities USA Action. The organization is part of a “super PAC” which supports Hillary Clinton’s bid for candidacy. In the previous election when Hillary campaigned for office against Barrack Hussein Obama, Soros had donated $8 million to support Hillary’s campaign. Soros is loyal to the Democratic party with reported contributions of $18.5 million to Democratic outside groups to defeat George W. Bush. That donation apparently did not have the influence expected. Soros’ earlier attempts to sway the Republican vote also failed to divert George W. Bush for a second term in the White House.

Lack of the wanted results of other donations will not detour the push to hold the White House close to the heart of the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. Not everyone holds Donald Trump’s feet to the flame for his rhetoric and unpresidential approach to the becoming the candidate to represent the Republican Party. This election campaign season has turned the rhetoric style of campaigning topsy-turvy and has created much chatter in the news over the past few weeks. It is noted that Donald Trump has an obviously different approach to handling ISIS, negotiations, and threats to America. Time will tell if money talks loud and clear for everyone to hear.

Bernie Sanders appears to hold his own running against Hillary Clinton and Hillary has her plate full with the FBI investigations continuing during this busy time of the campaign. It is hopeful that this influx of campaign money will enlighten and influence voters whether they are Latino voters or any other nationality.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have influence over the voters in the Democratic Party, but they are hoping to sway dissatisfied voters, Independents and others teetering on the edge of decision and convince them to vote for the Democratic candidate.

Other major donors to the Democratic campaign are Haim Saban and his wife; Cheryl Saban donated $3 million, and Herb Sandler and Donald Sussman each donated $1.5 million. Additional donations totaling $1.5 million was received from the union-affiliated super PAC Working for Working Americans.

The waiting and the suspense is keeping voters on the edge of their seats while the primary election is still in motion. Only time will tell if donations and campaigning influences and sways voters everywhere.

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