Freedom Checks – the free money you’ve always wished for

Matt Badiali coined the term ¨freedom checks¨ after discovering a way for Americans to invest in the journey to energy independence. With the recent decrease in oil imports from the Middle East, freedom checks will allow investors to make money off of the companies in the United States that are taking over the industry here on American soil. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

If potential investors are prudent, they could profit massively from the millions of dollars that United States oil and gas companies are poised to make over the next year. In addition, since freedom checks are paid out like normal stocks, this number should rise dramatically as the industry grows. Matt Badiali’s historical analysis reports that some companies could gain anywhere from a 5,889% increase to a 39,889% increase, which is an incredibly staggering amount of money. This analysis has lead many to believe this opportunity is a scam, solely because of the potential amount of money that can be earned. However MLPs, or Master Limited Partnerships, guarantee that this is not a scam.


MLPs are the companies that ultimately send out freedom checks, and are all in the oil and gas business in one way or another. They are the people who find oil and gas wells here in the US and do all of the work to make it usable. Now here’s the best part – these companies must give at least 90% of their income to investors. These are the freedom checks that Matt Badiali is trying to share with everyone.

Another incredible benefit to investing with an MLP is that they are technically not considered stocks, but rather a return of capitol to their investors. This means that said investors do not have to pay income taxes on them. Matt himself has invested in MLPs and freedoms checks and has made clear profit from these ventures, and is strongly urging others to do the same while they still can. Read this article at

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