Focus on 8 Important Rules for Young Entrepreneurs based in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, is an entrepreneur who has managed to achieve quite a huge success by the age of 25 in Panama. He feels obliged to share the simple 8 rules he followed to young entrepreneurs based in Panama who could be looking for tips to start and run successful ventures. Jose grew up in Venezuela and never visited panama back then until he attained adulthood. He became a firm believer in becoming his own boss after he left school.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa claims that he is proud to be related to a generation that is full of confident, tech-savvy and risk-taking diplomats, travelers and entrepreneurs who live and also work in Panama. Jose and the other successful individuals are hardworking and have been able to set up their successful ventures which rely mostly on new tech-gadgets and hi speed internet. The group is creative, loves the high life as it drinks imported beer. Jose and his peers are the pioneer entrepreneurs to discover the amazing business opportunities that Panama has to offer on The slowing down of Venezuelan economy has seen a number of Venezuelan entrepreneurs especially the young ones flock to Panama to break ground with their novel and inventive business ideas. Panama has an environment that is great for learning and pays crafty risk takers handsomely. Below are some of the great 8 rules that every young entrepreneur ought to consider.

Entrepreneurs on ought to find a certain market niche and exploit it fully as that is what sets them apart from normal business persons. They should be mobile and flexible with the best businesses being online-based since Panama has a high-speed internet allowing an entrepreneur to run their businesses from anywhere. It is vital to network and find a business partner who is complimentary. Academic success does not determine success in Panama. It is also important for entrepreneurs to look into great ways of minimizing costs, avoiding shortcuts, plan for failure and be ready to learn from the industry itself. Getting advice from the industry is as important as paid education.

About Jose Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive who originated from Venezuela. He is the current holder of three dissimilar positions; director, president and treasurer in five companies based in Panama. The longest period of time such an appointment has lasted is four years and 8 months. He was first appointed in the winter of the year 2011. He is a prominent member of Panama’s business community who assists businesses to grow, improves economic conditions and mentors young leaders.

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