Eric Pulier: Technologist, Investor, Philanthropist

Some people are just destined to do great things. It’s kind of like fate in a sense as the individual’s life has already been mapped out. Entrepreneur Eric Pulier personifies this notion perfectly because he displayed his life’s path at a very young age. Pulier always had a fascination with technology and in just the fourth grade, he programmed his very first computer. While he was in high school those exact traits continued to grow as he founded his first computer database company. The foundation had been set in stone in which it subconsciously sent him on this path to greatness.


Eric Pulier was finally out of high school and in 1984 he would begin his college life at the prestigious Harvard University. The American/English Literature Major had a very busy schedule with being the editor and column writer of the Harvard Crimson Publication. Also during this time Pulier was taking classes over at MIT since the schools weren’t too far apart. When being compared to his peers, Pulier plain and simply stood out. In 1988 he graduate magna cum laude, but it was now time to start his professional career and oh what a career it turned out to be. After moving to Los Angeles in 1991 he started a company by the name of People Doing Things. Being technologically gifted, Pulier used some of the most advanced technology to solve issues in education and healthcare.


This created a lot of buzz and propelled him into the spotlight. As of today he has been the founder of up to 15 companies, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, invested millions in capital venture deals, and funded many tech start-up companies. This proud father of four is well beyond his years, but who knows what he will come up with in the near future.

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