End Citizens United Concerned About Possible Russian Collusion

End Citizens United and many other groups are concerned about the president’s possible collusion with Russia. Trump’s ties with the country have haunted him ever since he challenged Russian hackers to see if they could find Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails during a 2016 presidential debate. Many of the Russian e-mails appeared on Wikileaks several days later.

The hacking incident might be forgotten if new stories about the Russian ties of many of his appointed cabinet members did not continuously haunt the president. Jeff Sessions recused himself from such investigations, a move which disappointed the former real estate mogul. His sons supposedly met with a Russian attorney several days before the election.

Donald Trump has been compared to Richard Nixon and to Andrew Jackson, two president whom also had very low likability scores, according to Politico. While the news concerns the press, no one knows if ties to Vladimir Putin will affect Trump and his party. Several polls show that it is an issue among likely Democratic Party voters.

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Likely Republican voters are less likely to see the Russia collusion issue as a problem. With all of the recent cries over fake news, many conservatives, especially those who listen to talk radio, do not believe the issue exists at all. They instead accuse the media of making up the story and lying about the president.

End Citizens United, an organization worried about the influence of money on American politics, sees the possible ties with Russia as concerning. End Citizens United believe that the president might be influenced by outside sources that do not intend to work in the best interest of the United States. Trump himself seems confused on the issue. At one point, he even announced a plan to work with Russia to improve the cyber security of both nations. He quickly withdrew his plan after receiving criticism from Republican congressional leaders.

According to theatlantic.com, the midterm elections are over a year await, and few people expect the Republicans will lose many seats, although they may lose their majority in the senate. Few political analysts expect the scandals surrounding the Trump administration to go away, but some still believe impeachment is a possibility.

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