Eddie Murphy Discusses His Recent Projects


In a recent Interview for Rolling Stone Magazine, entertainer Eddie Murphy discusses what he’s been up to lately, and he’s been up to a lot. Murphy recently put an original reggae song on Soundcloud called Oh Jah Jah,” and – in my opinion – it’s really good.

In the interview, Murphy explains that for decades he’s been recording original music in his home studio. He rarely makes this music available to the public, however, since he does not want to come across as a celebrity on an ego trip. He also records music with other celebrities, including rapper Snoop Dogg.

Murphy also talks about his upcoming movie Cook, which you can learn more about on Crunch Base, and about where he’s at with the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

Marc Sparks and I think it’s refreshing to hear something as unusual from a mainstream actor as a reggae record. Murphy talks in the interview about how he doesn’t make music for money, and it’s easy to see this is true. He makes it because he’s a true artist who is expressing himself. What makes Murphy exciting as an entertainer is that you never know what to expect next from him. Murphy became famous as a comedian, became an action movie star next and then starred in family comedies that were huge box office draws.

Only an artist with true talent could be so successful in so many diverse genres.

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