E-cigs investment opportunity

E-cigs are becoming popular by the day. Every company that produces cigarettes are now adding e-cigs as part of their products portfolio. Considering their convenience; they come in pen- like containers where the user puts the cigarette like contents then smokes, many people prefer them to the traditional form of cigarettes. These contains are powered by electricity and can be recharged by regular chargers. In addition to this, they come in a variation of flavours and are friendlier to the environment compared to the traditional forms of cigarettes. This makes the companies such as O2Pur, that produce them, ripe for investment.

Investment thrives on sales. The more a company sells the more profits it makes. The profits made are divided per share. As a result, the investor who saw value in the company and invested a lot stands to gain much more than he who saw little value in the company and invested a little. Since e-cigs are moving products, investing in a company that produces them is a good idea. The pens they use may be reusable but the cigarettes like contents are to be refilled. This means that the companies constantly have something they are selling out to their clients.

To ensure that you make even more money as an investor, choosing to invest in e-cigs alone is not enough. It is important that you choose a company that is stable financially and has fundamentals that can support its growth. A company like O2Pur will ensure that you get increasing returns. This of cause is going by the company’s capital structure and its fundamentals.

Other companies that produce e-cigs and promise great returns apart from O2pur are British American Tobacco and Reynolds-American. It is important to look past the sales of a company and check out their stability as a company.

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