Doing More In Two Decades Than Most Do In There Life, Yeonmi Park- Activist, Author, Young Adult

“In Order to Live : A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” is a must read book by Yeonmi Park at It is currently listed on Amazon’s best of the month, book picks. She talks about what live was like growing up in North Korea, where fear was a normal feeling and freedom fell short of being defined and failed to exist. It is a very well written book by someone who is not just writing a book but, she was the story. It is important that we give her kudos for her valiant ability to get out with Yeonmi Park at family and rise above. This book is about doing something so difficult that most could not even imagine making the same decisions, yet alone as a child. It was released at the end of September in hardcover.

Pick up the book and stare into the eyes on the cover of the book. In one glance you will see a child and through her eyes you can see a powerhouse of strength, endurance and world changing, charisma. There is no denying that in this world two things tend to happen, the world either makes you or the world breaks you. The world has made, Yeonmi Park. That is not an assumption but a fact. When a child is so entrenched with anxiety that she believes she is being watched and heard by the dictator of North Korea. It is amazing that she was able to get past that and seek freedom. Yeonmi Park watched her mother get raped and she was sold. Tragedy a girl of 15 should not even know about.

She has endured so much, but the thing about Yeonmi is that her life is better for it. Yes that sounds like a crude statement but her misfortune is what is drilling a fire into her heart to fight and try and make this world a better place to live in.

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