Doe Deere Takes on Makeup Giants with Fun and Fantasy Palettes

It’s only been seven years, so it is still a rather young company. I’m talking about Lime Crime makeup; the colorful cosmetics company launched in October 2008 by young entrepreneur from Russia, Doe Deere.

It’s not easy surviving in the world of beauty when long established makeup giants like Revlon, Estee Lauder and others squeeze out the competition. To make it and actually thrive is quite the challenge, but then again, that’s what makes Doe Deere tick.

“Whatever I do — fashion, modeling, makeup — I do with vigor. I aim to be the best I can be because I want to create a brand I can be proud of, and products that inspire people and bring good energy into the world.”

Those quotes come from Doe Deere’s former blogazine. I miss her writings a lot, because I learned plenty from her vignettes about life, makeup and business.

Lime Crime makeup is not like the others and that is what makes the brand stand tall. Doe Deere has created a cosmetics line that goes beyond the pretty. Her sparkly eye shadows and “amped up” lipsticks are crazy colorful. She has carved out a niche that never existed, makeup of the moment for young women everywhere.

Lime Crime cosmetics are readily available online here. The makeup is also sold by retailers like Urban Outfitters and shops in Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

I think makeup should be fun say’s Deere on a storyexchange interview; I don’t think you have to wear makeup if you don’t want to, but I find that applying a few products can do a couple of good things. First, makeup is very freeing, allowing you to be you. Secondly, wearing cool, modern makeup can transform you from the inside out. For girls who often don’t feel like they belong, and trust me, we have all been there at some point in our lives, makeup matters.

Lime Crime is unique; these bold opaque shadows, liners and lipsticks are high quality. Probably Doe Deere’s most popular product are her Unicorn lipsticks which come in pretty purple tubes adorned with her signature unicorn design. These lipsticks rock! I’ll never forget buying my first Unicorn lipstick and wearing it so proudly. It was one of Doe Deere’s tamer shades, called Great Pink Planet (milkshake pink). For me, it was like creating a true doll’s face, so beautiful with my porcelain complexion.

I tend to love pink, so I also got obsessed with the Zodiac Glitter of Lime Crime makeup. I wear the shade Sagittarius a lot, so I keep buying pots and pots of it. My sister can’t get enough of their Grunge Palette, one of the most amazing shadow kits ever invented. Estee Lauder wishes they had come up with that idea. The Grunge Palette is full of cool colors like rusty reds, stone, shades like bruised fruit, as Doe Deere would describe the palette. The Grunge Palette is so popular, you’re only allowed one per customer.

I love Lime Crime makeup!

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