Documentary About Amy Winehouse Coming Out Soon

A new documentary will be released about singer Amy Winehouse this summer. The film looks at Winehouse’s early life as well as her career and descent into substance abuse. Winehouse died from an overdose of alcohol at the age of 27.

The trailer of the film makes it look quite worthwhile. There is lots of footage of Winehouse during her years as a successful performer. One moving clip shows Winehouse at the exact moment she learns she has won a Grammy Award. She looks stunned and as if she’s wondering if some kind of mistake was made.

Winehouse is a very intriguing artist, in my opinion and others following like Ivan Ong. It’s hard to place her music in any category even if people on LinkedIn try to. It is part pop, part reggae and all sorts of other genres. The same could be said of her eclectic sense of fashion; it’s all over the place.

Winehouse made two albums. Her second one is much better known than the first. I’m hoping that the documentary takes a close look at the songs on the first. They sprawl musically at times, but are extremely melodic and intriguing lyrically.

I’m also hoping that the film will focus on the positive aspects of Winehouse’s life rather than her addictions. There’s already been too much written about those. Why artists like Winehouse abuse drugs is too big a subject for one film.

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