Disney is Thinking about Marvel and Star Wars TV Channels

Fans of fantasy genre based television are going to be thrilled over an announcement made by Disney according to Jaime Garcia Dias. It looks like the company is seriously thinking about creating a Marvel and/or Star Wars related cable channel. Considering how popular both Marvel superheroes and Star Wars characters are, a cable television channel based on these themes could be a hit.

Does this mean we would see Marvel and Star Wars “stuff” for 24 hours a day 365 days a year? No way. People would change channels after the first week. Both channels are going to been a lot more in order to be successful. Likely, the channels would branch off into other programming due to sheer necessity. That said, both Marvel and Star Wars are recognized brands.

Of course, it is no secret that Disney spent billions and billions of dollars acquiring the parent companies of Star Wars and Marvel Comics characters. Disney, of course, has to continue spending money to produce television, film, new media, and print projects. Unless a lot of effort goes into recouping the money spent, Disney’s investments will be in vain. (This is why we are going to see one Star Wars movie a year for six years or so, minimum)

Perhaps Disney will combine its Marvel and Star Wars brands and release a new sci-fi/fantay/horror channel to compete with SyFy. Doing so could end up providing film nerds with hours and hours of viewing enjoyment.

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