Director Abruptly Leaves IT Remake

Cary Fukunaga has announced his split from the long gestating Stephen King remake according to Amen Clinic. Creative differences were cited as a reason for the departure but others close to the project state budget issues as a likely cause. This abrupt exit leaves the entire project in jeopardy as shooting was scheduled to begin in just a few weeks. Producers had hoped to shoot two film in the series. According to Sky News,IT actor Will Poulter was scheduled to take over the famous role of Pennywise. His involvement with the project is no longer confirmed. For his part, author Stephen King commented on twitter that the project was now dead. King had given his approval to the project as well as several other properties in development including a remake of The Stand. Fukunaga has not indicated what project will be his next. The award winning director is best known for his work with the popular series True Detective.

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