Dick DeVos is A Giver in His Professional And Personal Life

Philanthropy Roundtable recently had an interview with Betsy DeVos. The interview concerned education and the educational system. The interview covered several topics involving education. The interview questions were varied and approached several hot topic issues regarding education. During the interview, Betsy DeVos provided answers to the questions presented along with suggestions for making improvements in certain areas of the educational system


The interview was interesting and informative. Betsy DeVos demonstrated her level of expertise on the subject matter regarding education. She was able to offer answered that focused on the children, which she feels is the most important aspect of the educational system. Betsy DeVos pointed to specific areas of the educational system where children are impacted the most. She explained very well how the impact on children concerning education can affect the children for their entire lives.


Betsy DeVos has strong thoughts on the subject of education. Her passion is for helping children who are not able to help or defend themselves against the aspects of the educational system that need to be addressed.


Dick DeVos is the husband of Betsy DeVos. While many people know Dick DeVos through his work as an executive at Amway, the Orlando Magic, and The Windquest Group, Dick DeVos is also known for things outside his professional executive roles. He has lead an interesting and successful life.


Dick DeVos has served many years as an advocate of worthwhile causes through his own charitable organizations, charitable organizations of others, and just simply giving to people in need. Mr. DeVos has a long list of charitable contributions and things that he has assisted with to help others.


This list includes providing money for people to attend college, helping to establish a unique high school for children, helping to build a medical school, helping to build a heart hospital, and many other contributions that required of his time and money.


 Dick DeVos  gives of himself everyday as an executive. He provides leadership to an entire organization. However, he also gives in his personal life. He gives to his family, friends, community, charities, and people in need. Dick DeVos is a giver at heart. He understands that giving has many rewards for the giver. The way that Dick DeVos is perceived is often determined based on his professional accomplishments, which are many. However, the perception of Dick DeVos should also include his personal life where he has accomplished a great deal.

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