Dazzling Eye-Candy In A Rainbow Of Products

When it comes to make-up, Lime Crime is in a league of their own. Anyone can look through make up and related products scanning past the mundane, earthy colors of blacks, browns and tans that become a blur no matter the brand. When you stumble upon Lime Crime’s make-up, don’t be surprised if you stop dead in your tracks.

The bright and colorful allure of just the packaging alone makes you second guess whether or not your in the right place. It’s like being a wide-eyed child inside a candy store as you stare in awe. Visions of dancing sugar-plumbs are easily replaced by glittery lips and shimmering eye shadows. The selections of bright and bold hair colors makes you feel like you just left the land of rainbows.

The color selection of Diamond Crushers for lips will have your smile sparkling like a disco ball. Velvetines Matte Lipstick makes lips looks smooth like 1980’s velour. Unicorn Hair color brings meaning to rainbow. No such thing as sticking to a limited color of blacks, browns, blondes or reds. You can literally have the hair color of your favorite sports team, match it to your car, or just your favorite color in general. Can’t decide? You can have more than one color at a time or shades of the same. It’s pretty amazing!

The cherry that tops this sweet cake? Is that none of these products use any type of animal by-products. Nor are any of their products used on animals or tested on animals. The company prides itself as lovers of animals and advocates for the rights of animals. What could be more hip than that?

This company’s products is leading the way in cosmetics. They are fresh and creative. Lime Crime brings new energy and vitality to make-up. So grab the unicorn by the horn and check out Lime Crime!

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