Crystal Hunt Enjoys Her Role on Queens of Drama

Reality television is extremely popular. People around the country love watching the daily life of their favorite celebrity. Every episode offers new insight into the way people live and function. There are hundreds of great reality television programs, each offering a new opportunity for the viewer. Queens of Drama is one of the latest television programs to give new insight into celebrity culture.

Queens of Drama is a new show on POP, which first aired last year. This show follows several major drama actresses throughout their daily life. Each episode allowed viewers to further understand the struggles that these actresses endure. Shopping, holding parties, and dealing with difficult people are a major part of each day. The actresses on this show include Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, and Vanessa Marcil. The show has received great reviews and is sure to be a new favorite.

Crystal Hunt is an extremely successful drama actress. She was proud to appear on Queens of Drama and her performances have drawn viewers in. She was quick to point out the semi-scripted nature of the show to her fans, stating that the events are real, but she is encouraged to act a certain way. The ability to work with other famous drama actresses including Joan Collins of Dynasty fame make Queens of Drama a passionate project for Crystal. She loves getting fans to check out her Instagram, as well as meeting fans of the show and returning fans that appreciate her new role on POP.

While Queens of Drama is an amazing new show, Crystal has been working in the industry for years. She started as a pageant contestant as a young child and quickly moved into the acting industry. In the mid-2000s, she was able to work on Guiding Light. Playing the troubled daughter of Beth Raines for four years. Fans loved her in this role, and she received critical acclaim as well. She received a Daytime Emmy nomination for her role in Guiding Light. After Guiding Light, Crystal worked on several films including Derby Stallion and Sydney White. She also appeared on One Life to Live on ABC. Fans loved Crystal’s dramatic flair and she is constantly receiving new offers. Crystal has a bright career ahead of her, and her Facebook fans will be along for the ride.

Viewers crave insight into their favorite stars. Queens of Drama is an excellent television show, which allows viewers to empathize with their favorite characters. Crystal Hunt is proud to share her life with her fans and she looks forward to sharing her future works with her amazing fans.  For her dramatic side, Crystal’s YouTube reel is a perfect taste of what this talented young actress has to offer.  FamousBirthdays has more on the actress, as she continues to see her star shine.

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