Clay Hutson as he is usually referred to, is a graduate of the Central Michigan University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in technical production and theatre design. He attended the Michigan University school of business where he graduated with a masters degree in business administration. Hutson is a production and live events manager of his own company. He previously worked for the Getagrip touring holding the position of production manager. The VP’s seat was his next post at Ronin event. He held this since 2001, doing the same thing, production. At some point in his career, he worked with Kanye West as his stage manager.


Hutson has been successful because he always strives to listen to the artists that he works with and also wants to give his audience the best experience. He dreams of the day live entertainment will be able to excite the audience without incorporating the huge video screens. Hutson is excited about the technology advancement in the entertainment industry. The technology has since advanced and brings up a twist in the production of live music entertainment.


Hutson came up with this idea of starting his own company after a few years in the industry. He had extensive experience with live production, entertainment, and tours. The skills that he had acquired enabled him to work with all the areas of live shows. Hutson makes the most out of the IT department by working on the ground with his staff, assigning work that is to be done before and after an event.


Hutson’s day starts off with him arriving at the event venue on most days. This enables him to plan his tasks in order of priority and to put his schedule in place. Hutson also gets the opportunity to look into fine details of the performance of his staff way before the event starts. He knows that sometimes the experience of a person you intend to hire is more important than their appearance since it guarantees competency. Hutson knows that with passion and talent, one can be easily trained to work in the industry. He doesn’t believe that a person has to be perfect and low-key in a company just so that he can get along with the management. Learn more:

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