Christopher Lee Passes at 93

Movie buffs are in mourning today. Actor Christopher Lee passed away at 93 due to heart and respiratory problems. Lee spent a period of time in the hospital for treatment but unfortunately succumbed to heart failure. As a huge Star Wars fan, my friend Steve Murray is sincerely upset to hear this news.

Christopher Lee was widely known for his roles in massive movie undertakings. He played Sauron in Lord of the Rings as well as Dracula. His wife held off on releasing the information to the public to allow the family some time to hear the news and grieve.

While alive, Lee released heavy metal albums and was even knighted for his contribution to the performing arts. He began his film career in 1947 in the gothic romance Corridor of Mirrors. From there he continued onward to do many classic movies that granted him his fame. As time went on, he partnered with Tim Burton for multiple movies including The Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice in Wonderland. Even Star Wars had a place for this phenomenal actor as Count Dooku.

Lee was like an on screen magician that stole the hearts of countless people across the globe. He continued to work right up to his death on June 7th. This has been a massive lost for the cinema community and he will be remembered for all the great roles he played.

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