Chris Burch Explains the Life of ‘Technology-Fashion’ Relationship

A few months ago, Chris Burch wrote an article keying out how technological advancements go hand in hand with the fashion trends. Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur who has been involved in a wide range of sectors for the last three decades. Burch is the founding father and the seating CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch has helped in the establishment of many different companies particularly in the fashion, hospitality as well as technological sector. In 2004, Burch partnered with his ex-wife in opening up the Tory Burch LLC which he continues to own a large share. Burch also invests on Trademark, a clothing venture owned by two of his daughters. Besides, Burch also invests on E.D, Poppin, and Jawbone.


Chris Burch was born in Pennsylvania in March 1953. In his early education, Burch was poor in class and got diagnosed with what could be termed as ‘attention deficit disorder.’ Chris Burch, now a billionaire remembers that it had reached a point that his parents were warned that he had a ‘wandering mind’ and so they should have less hope for him in the future. While in high school, his father used to put him to work on the construction sites and he found the work to be quite tiring and this got him thinking of the best and easy ways to make his life better.

In 1976, Burch and his brother founded Eagle’s eye apparel with only $2000. With the capital, the two partners bought sweaters for $10 which Burch was to sell to his classmates for $15. Their company slowly expanded and within a decade it had managed to make supplies to the national market and record over $140 million as sales. Burch has been in the fashion industry and closely associated with the technology industry for more than three decades. Therefore, the successful entrepreneur is well placed to explain the trends in both the technology and fashion industry.


Burch insists that both fashion and technology grow hand in hand creating some positive impact on each other. According to Burch, for example, a protective wear worn around the neck designed by Anna and Terese, cyclist’s airbag shows how technology can rely on fashion in need to protect their final users. Another instance is that of the firefighters wearing the Frontline Glove which were designed by Rajan and Cannon. This particular glove has ensured the safety of the firefighters as they are in a position to communicate clearly using signs hence preventing more accidents in the scene. Designers such as SegraSegra have used tubes of bicycles to make jackets and t-shirts. Emma Whiteside used old radiator copper to make a great gown. According to Burch, such designers portray the way in which fashion-technology relationship is headed, and that is more technological advancements, more fashion trends.

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