Choosing Indie Beauty Brands

Drugstores and department stores are no longer the main places to buy makeup. Thanks to the Internet, people have more choices than ever for where to discover and purchase their beauty products. This has helped independent cosmetic companies to thrive.

Dozens of independent brands have sprung up, featuring everything from blush and lipstick to high-quality brushes and skin toners. Unlike mainstream corporate brands, indie companies focus on producing high-quality cosmetics and on enhancing their customers’ individuality.

For example, the popular brand Lime Crime began when its founder, Doe Deere, couldn’t find makeup that was bright or vibrant enough to suit her tastes. She didn’t sit around, waiting for an established makeup company to create something she’d like; she came up with her own lines of high-intensity eye shadows and lip colors. These bold, bright products in all shades of the rainbow are cruelty free — perfect for the person who wants to express herself without using makeup that is tested on animals.

The “cruelty free” factor is another great reason to choose indie beauty brands. Many of these companies are committed to protecting animals and the environment, while mainstream drugstore and department store brands are still testing their merchandise on rabbits, mice and other lab animals. There are even vegan indie beauty companies that use no ingredients derived from animals at all.

If toxins and harsh chemical ingredients worry you, have no fear. Many independent cosmetic companies focus on making products without unpronounceable chemicals that are rough on or possibly even harmful for you. Many of them do so at price points that are easy on your wallet.

When choosing indie beauty brands to experiment with, do some homework first. Read the descriptions of each item carefully and check the ingredients. If you’re not sure what an ingredient is, run a search on it to find out what it’s for and if there are any possible downsides to it. Investigate who created the brand. Was it a makeup artist? A scientist? A regular person? Be sure to read reviews on anything you’re tempted to buy, whether it’s from an indie company or a typical big-name brand.

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