Channing Tatum Still ‘Finding Gambit’.

Gambit is one of our favorite X-Men for a ton of reasons. First of all, he probably has the coolest costume of any of the comic book characters with his wicked trench coat and awesome bo-staff. Secondly, Gambit himself is a tough Baton Rouge redneck with a thick Cajun accent and the ability to supercharge items with explosive power. That’s pretty rad. So far he has been portrayed in real film by Taylor Kitsch, who did an alright job. When we heard Channing Tatum was picking up the role we let out a sigh of resignation.

While we don’t dislike Tatum, he’s a fun actor with charisma and comedic timing, we just didn’t see anything of Gambit in the actors face or prior portrayals said Brian Bonar. Tatum is a physical actor but he is beefy instead of long, lean and mean looking. He’s a little too goofy and a little bit too mainstream. We would have loved to see someone like Josh Halloway take a shot at the character.

In any event, Tatum is who we have and it doesn’t surprise us to hear that the actor is still struggling to find the right accent and character quirks to make Gambit a reality. Tatum alleges that he knows ‘who to talk to’ in order to find the accent and cites the fact that he is a southern boy as reason for confidence. We aren’t so sure, but we’ll be waiting to see anyway.

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