Chanel in Austria

Chanel’s latest video creation features Pharrell Williams and Cara Delavigne. It is an artistic representation of a stay Coco Chanel had at an Austrian hotel in the 1950’s. Pharrell plays a stoic elevator boy who’s coat becomes the inspiration for the famous Chanel design. Cara Delavigne plays a waitress who becomes an elegant Austrian princess once the hotel shuts down at night. She dances with a stately Pharrell who composed a song just for the video. The duo sing “The Word” in classic Austrian costumes fit for royalty. The video was released the first of December in anticipation of the houses’ Metiers d’Arts fashion show shown in Salzburg later that week.

Karl Lagerfeld certainly knows how to create a pretty picture that is also quite modern. The video features and interracial couple and lesbians eager to get their room. However, these statements are just background to the film’s biggest them of reincarnation that is also its title. The reincarnation is seen in the jacket’s symbolic beginning and the paintings that come to life. Are Cara and Pharrell’s characters lovers from a different era? Are the only able to show their love while singing a mysteriously upbeat song about Chanel in 1950 Austria? Of course, the film is just using its setting as a way to promote itself as a trusted brand of elegance and modernity if you ask Igor Cornelsen about it. Chanel will always be at the forefront of fashion no matter how many times the reincarnate their looks.

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