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The Success of Women with Susan McGalla

It is notable that many women have been successful and made it to the top in various corporate careers. The success of women translates to a prosperous society. Nevertheless, a significant number of women still lie behind on being successful. Many women are yet to realize the necessary measures to put in place to steer forward their corporate success on Post-Gazette. The world is increasingly adapting, and it is seeing more and more women join various prestigious posts in both government and corporate fields. Even with the world changing, some drawbacks still hinder the success of a woman.

Despite all the challenges women face in their road to success, a substantial number have surpassed and beaten the odds and have proven to be effective leaders at Measures have to be taken by both the government and non-government organizations to help women curb the challenges they face in their endeavors. Noticeably, women boast of a superbly blend personality and mind that is of significant help to them when undertaking various activities. Such well-endowed women are taking a stance and lead roles in the corporate world.

The business community has seen many women beat the odds and grow to become very influential people. In the old days, the business world was deemed to be for men only. Nevertheless, with the corporate world experiencing rapid growth, changes are inevitable. The current corporate world has taken a notable turn and women are becoming reputed and role models. A good example of such women is Susan McGalla who serves as a role model to women and is committed to helping women succeed. They transude innate and inherent skills, which are essential in their management positions. They have excellent networking skills that are vital in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla is a successful businessperson who has gone up the ladder through hard work, versatility, confidence, diverseness, and confidence. These aspects are her core drivers for pleasing results. Susan beat the odds through comprehending that it was up to her to identify her powerful skills and potential and make something significant out of them. She is the founder of the Pittsburgh-based P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Susan Mcgalla also works with The Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Susan has a vast experience in the clothing and retail sectors. She is adept at providing insights on marketing, product merchandising, branding, and talent management among others. Between 1986 and 1994, Susan was working at Joseph Horne Company. She later moved to work with American Eagle Outfitters. With her strong work ethics and principles, Susan McGalla became the President and Chief Merchandizing Officer of the company. Then she freely decided to leave the company and start her own consultancy practice for the retail and financial investment industries.

Venezuela Prolongs Two-Day Workweek

As recently reported by Reuters, Venezuela is in the middle of an energy crisis that threatens the economic and political stability of the country. Venezuela relies on hydro-electricity to power up most of the country, so a drought of the magnitude that the country is currently experiencing is a serious problem. There have been food and medicine shortages throughout the country with little hope of improvement in the near future.
As a way of curtailing energy use and trying to conserve resources, the government of Venezuela instituted a two-day workweek for government sector employees starting in March. Given that the situation has not improved, the government is now extending the two-day workweek for the public sector for an additional two weeks. This affects about 2.8 million employees in Venezuela. Expert Manuel Gonzalez sees mounting concerns over how these employees will afford to feed themselves and their families with the burden of more austerity measures from the national government. President Maduro has been the subject of widespread criticism for his failure to adequately address this situation and restore calm to the country. Critics of President Maduro say that the austerity measures are not enough to have a real impact on the energy usage in the country. His critics also lament that these austerity measures only serve to deepen the economic recession that is plaguing the country right now. There are reports from Linked In people clamoring for a more long term solution.