University of Illinois

Michael Zomber Historian and Gun Collector

Michael Zomber is a well-known historian and gun collector. He graduated cum laude from the University of Illinois with degrees in English and Psychology. Later he received his Masters in English Literature from UCLA.

Unsurprisingly, he keeps his Facebook page up to date, detailing books he has written and newsworthy items that are currently relevant. Adele appears to be one of his favorite singers as her web page has a prominent spot on his favorite singer list.

According to White Pages, Michael Zomber was accused of mail fraud in 2003 and was later exonerated under the HYDE Act. During the time he was interred, he helped many prisoners to pass their GED. He also helped to keep the prison library open. Wasting time is not on his bucket list, so Michael Zomber spent the remainder of his time writing several fiction and non-fiction books.

Zomber is world-renowned for his arms and antique dealing, and one of his most famous books is historical fiction detailing the Samurai Culture and its weaponry. He also created a full – length documentary called The Soul of the Samurai

Michael Zombers love of antique firearms goes so deep that he has even had the privilege of owning weapons that once belonged to George Washington and Simon Bolivar.