Omar Yunes, a Game Changer in Franchise Management

Yunes Omar is Mexican investor and entrepreneur, who represents the Sushi Itto. Omar is known as a great Franchise who has won various awards in the Best Franchisee of the Word competitions. The competitions are held annually, and the fact that he has won several awards gives a clear impression that he is a great entrepreneur. The main interest of Yunes is in the food business, and he operates more than 13 franchises which are located in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. He is aggressive, a feature which has enabled him to effectively market his products. Yunes is known to be an effective entrepreneur because of his ability to have a significant control in the food industry. His nature has made it possible for him to thrive in the food industry and make good profits out of his business.
Yunes is a successful business person, and through his success, he motivates his employees. He does this through remunerating them towards the realization of the set goals in an organization. His success makes him understand that one of the most important aspects is to focus on the set goals. Having a clear vision and set strategies to work towards achieving set goals, makes it easy and fast to succeed. He has experience, and he knows what best strategies to use in order to succeed in business. Being a business person is competitive and requires hard work and commitment for all goals to be achieved. Yunes wants the best for his business and his employees and to scoop even more awards, he motivates them for the purpose of having them to do their best.
Omar Yunes being the successful entrepreneur that he is, he has created more than 400 jobs for the employees working in the 13 units. He motivates all the employees to ensure they do their best at work. His major strategy is to work through motivation because working with more than 400 individuals requires them to be motivated at all times. Through Yunes leadership, he has managed to develop a strong network of business network, a strong working strategy as well as a structure and an effective board to make sure all business strategies, are implemented.

All About Avaaz

“We have no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want. Idealists of the world unite,” Directer Ricken Patel, 2011.

A decade ago in January 2007, the United States based civic organization known as Avaaz came into being. This organization had the goal of raising global activism towards the issues of human rights, climate change, corruption, animal rights, poverty, and conflict. The organization has been called “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network” according to British newspaper The Guardian. The organization’s name originates from the Persian word آواز (âvâz) translating to either “voice” or “song” and both relate greatly to the goal behind the organization. Currently, Avaaz has 44 million members spread across the world in 194 countries with Brazil having the most members at a surprising number of 9,985,176.

So far, the Avaaz Organization has been able to claim a multitude of victories since their inception. Their Top 10 victories being; beginning the end of fossil fuels, helping several countries around the world maintain or save their net neutrality, helping create the most massive Marine reserve, putting up a resistance against Monsato, defeating Rupert Murdoch’s media merger, swiftly mobilizing aid to millions, kick starting the fight against corruption in Brazil, fighting to save the bees from harmful pesticides, working to provide for more and more refugees, and protecting the forests of the world.

Avaaz continues to exist and grow in the sake of righting the wrongs they’ve set out to fight. Their numbers continue to grow and their will to keep standing up for what they believe remains as strong as ever.

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Comprehensive Care For Cancer Patients In The US

What is comprehensive care?

In most US cancer treatment health centers, comprehensive cancer treatment is not just a term invented or something that is trendy. It’s what the US has been really able to give to each of their patients for some time now, that separates the way that cancer patients are cared for around the world. Not all American Cancer treatment Centers have unique qualities, but the ones that do, are really making a difference in the lives of their patients.

In some of the best US Cancer treatment hospitals, physicians will intentionally find a comprehensive and integrated way to help fight cancer while at the same time, using fundamentals of the central approach. It is best that all patients are catered to in a specific way, that is best for them as personal mood may effect factors of their health. Our treatment comprehensive care to meet traditional tools to combat cancer, like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, with supportive therapies including nutritional support, naturopathic medicine, psychosomatic medicine, oncology rehabilitation, pain management, care included chiropractor and spiritual support.

They are dedicated to taking care of you, not just to treat their disease, utilizing cutting-edge medical technology and innovative therapies. Thanks to this unique approach, we focus on fighting cancer on all fronts and with all available resources. Members of your care team join forces regularly sharing important data so that the plan team concludes the most suitable treatment for you.

Discover a completely comprehensive treatment in the fight against cancer. US cancer treatment centers will take care of patients with innovative treatments tested in the war against cancer such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Your type of cancer, the stage of their disease, prior treatment received and general health along with your mood are components that have great effect in deciding the most suitable blend of treatments.

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The Earlier Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi recently gained network that is connected to the profession that he pursued while working at the financial firm. It is also worth acknowledging and appreciating the fact that he made up his mind to indulge in making investments within the environment of the business appropriately early. In the beginning, he had no other thing he did apart from being a fan of the name popularly known as Viper rock during its establishment.
It is in the year 1985 that brought about transformations as Cassio Audi with his music colleagues established a team. Audi always kept himself engaged in connection with the activities of the band. He did this before making up his mind to join the business globe.

Inspiration and motivation of Cassio Audi came from the Iron Maid and also the rising British tune related to heavy metal. About the information from springs, he extensively involved himself with the tool. In consideration of the way he was passionate about music and the way he undertook his duties, the implication is therefore that he was most likely to attain good times ahead alongside his music.

The competencies of Cassio Audi about drums spread to different regions around the globe following the release of The Killer Sword. The different songs that were found in the collection include Killera, the Princess from Hell, and the Nightmare.

According to the analysis done towards the group concerning the release, the implication was that the team was not only talented but also gifted. This is in the view that English was not native to them. The direction where they headed thus gave a clear indication that they directed towards the realization of substantial goals.

He is a graduate in Business Administration. As at now, he is equipped with a lot more additional skills that help him ensure success in whatever he does.

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How Avaaz Is Bringing Positive Change in the World through Online Activism

Avaaz is a civic organization movement with members drawn from most countries of the world. The movement primarily deals with global activism in a number of areas such human rights, corruption, animal rights, conflict, climate change etc. Avaaz was named by the Guardian Newspaper as one of the biggest and most influential online activist network. Based on the sheer number of members under Avaaz, the globalist movement is poised to make the world better for a number of years to come.

The Meaning of the word Avaaz

The name Avaaz was coined from the Persian word (avaz), which means voice or song in English. The name was chosen because it sounds similar to many other Indo-European names that mean voice.

Avaaz Mission

Avaaz has a special mission to change the world for the better. Its founders and millions of members around the world are united by the call to make the world better. Through its million of members, Avaaz supports numerous progressive causes that advance humanity and democracy forward. Examples of the many causes that the organization is involved in around the world include:calling for action on climate change, supporting global refuges, fighting government and corporate corruption, promoting democracy and challenging giant companies like Mosanto . Causes that get support at Avaaz are usually generated by the members of the network and not the management staff. However, most issues have to be polled first before online and offline campaigns can commence.

Online Community

Avaaz is primarily an online civil organization with millions of members worldwide. They primarily advocate for causes and petitions through digital means before campaigns can be organized offline.


Avaaz is member-funded rather than public–funded, meaning the organization depends on funding primarily from the generosity of their founding members. This type of funding has allowed Avaaz to grow and stay objective from outside manipulation.

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A Better Modern World With Avaaz

Public empowerment is a powerful tool towards the development of essential sectors of any economy on the globe. Empowered people tend to have a similar purpose, and they focus towards the achievement of a particular goal or objective. They are ambassadors of the mission at hand. For effectiveness’ sake, these people come together to form activist groups that help magnify their voice. A superb example of an effective activist group is Avaaz.

Avaaz is both a civic and social organization, and its name literally means ‘voice.’ It was launched about a decade ago, in 2007, with the sole democratic purpose of organizing citizens of all nations to transform the world we are currently living in into that which most people in every corner of the world want. Avaaz, therefore, exists to empower as many people as it can to act upon the issues they face whether at the global, regional, or national level. These issues may encompass human rights, animal rights, politics, corruption, conflicts, climate change, poverty, and a lot of others in the contemporary world today.

Avaaz utilizes unique strategies to unite people. For instance, it makes use of an internet organizing model. In turn, this approach enables it to effectively pool together the individual efforts of thousands of persons into a powerful collective force no matter their geographical location. Moreover, it is considered the largest online activist network globally.

The group’s campaigns are greatly diversified. It conducts its operations in 17 different languages to coordinate teams from six continents and benefit from thousands of volunteers globally. The organization’s functionalities include the signing of petitions, funding of target media campaigns, direct actions, calling and lobbying governments, emailing, and organizing events and protests.

All this is executed to ensure that the values and views of the people are incorporated in the decisions that affect all. Avaaz works have no ideologies of its own, but it serves to unite practical idealists globally for the common good of them all.

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Avaaz: Taking the World to Where It Ought To Be By Advocating for Social Justice

Avaaz, roughly translated to voice in some linguistics, has been the voice of the voiceless for the last ten years. It has been argued for a long time now that the world we live in today is not the world we would have wanted if we were presented with a choice. In fact, we would be living in the world we all aspire if at all the necessary steps were made in closing the social gap that divides us. Those steps are the ones Avaaz has been seeking to undertake on behalf of the general populace. The organization is non-profit NGO based in America, but with activities across the globe.

The Organization’s Leadership

The organization has been very vocal in standing up against social and historical injustices. Through sponsoring petitions and demonstrations, the organization has been able to deliver on its mandate. Its leadership team constitutes of some of the world’s most respected activists such as Tom Pravda, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, and Ricken Patel. Patel- an alumnus of Oxford University and Harvard University- serves as the CEO. He has been in involved in peace accord negotiations in crisis-hit nations such as in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Sudan. Avaaz is also supported by several organizations such as Res Publica, an organization that advocates for good governance, and MoveOn.Org- a firm that crusades for progressive public policy in America. Service Employees the International Union has also got ties with Avaaz.


Avaaz has teams of foot soldiers and campaigners in 30 different countries. It’s through these teams that the organization manages its operations in these countries. All teams are coordinated from the headquarters in America, with communication messages relayed through emails.

The organization has led many successful campaigns across the world. It actively took part in the Iranian presidential elections of 2009. Before and during the Syrian Civil War, the organization provided the liberalists with a communication platform as well as with medicines and other basics.

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Eva Moskowitz is an Educational Leader

Eva Moskowitz is certainly at the forefront of educational innovation with her work in charter schools. Recently her accomplishments with Success Academy Charter Schools was recognized and honored as they won a $250,000 grant. The esteemed award is called the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. The honor was received at the National Charter School Conference in Washington, D.C.

Success Academy schools are well funded with wealthy donors contributing readily to the vision of Eva Moskowitz. The Broad Prize, however, is a national honor which underscores their success in serving underprivileged children and neighborhoods. It’s also a demonstration of the fact that these children are capable of learning and performing at high levels which are equivalent to the most affluent neighborhoods. The grant serves to strengthen Success Academy’s leadership in the charter school movement. Their goal is to reimagine what school can be and implement concepts to bring about excellence.

Regarding another issue, Eva Moskowitz and Succes Academy have won their battle with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The conflict was concerning city oversight of pre-kindergarten programs. Recently a court victory was handed to Moskowitz at the State Supreme Court level. They ruled that her programs with Success Academy fall outside the jurisdiction of the city. Her battle with the mayor lasted over 18 months.

Eva Moskowitz is inspired to a make a difference when she sees educational inequality. She also has great concern for the international competition that Americans are facing. She has noted that the higher level of American students ranks among the lowest when compared to other nations leading the world in educational accomplishment. She contends that even in upscale neighborhoods the public education system is not as good as parents may believe. With global competition getting stronger, she has once again shown her foresight.



Innovation With Bruce Bent

Bruce Bent II is an American Entrepreneur. Currently holding over 60 patents, Bruce’s accomplishments have contributed to the significant growth of FCID-Insured Cash Management business. He creates short-term asset management solutions.
Bruce has held President and CEO positions in a company called The Reserve, a privately held money market institution. He has also had a position as CEO of Hallmark Investment Series Trust. He also serves start-up companies with investing, consulting and advising services.
Currently, Mr. Bent is Vice President and Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a financial technology company. He is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, which is a peer network of 10,000 global businesses worldwide. Mr. Bent’s previous job positions include a tenure with B2 Consulting, LLC., and Access Control Advantage, LLC. He does extensive work in managing retirement funds. Bruce was also President of the financial company The Reserve, where he expanded and diversified product lines.
Bruce Bent’s name has appeared in many prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and New York Times. His entrepreneurial ventures include asset management, financial technologies, intellectual properties, pharmaceuticals and more. Bruce is a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association as well as a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan.
Bruce Bent is an active businessman who is always moving and looking for new ideas. He stays connected with clients, coworkers, and peers, and always has his phone and computer readily accessible. He believes in being as productive as possible and constantly comes up with positive new ideas to expand and contribute to the business. Bruce credits some of his success to having communication readily available.
He believes that performance is more important than higher education, and does not feel that a college degree is necessary to be successful. He also feels that businesspeople need to be resilient, open to learning, and gain experience through failures and success.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America unveils high tech arsenal

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the country’s premier network of private cancer treatment facilities. Since 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has helped people recover from one of the most difficult illnesses they’ll ever face. Through its use of cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments, Cancer Treatment Centers of America brings state-of-the-art techniques to bear on behalf of its patients.

Recently, the organization has rolled out a new computer-based diagnostic system that will aid physicians in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of all subtypes of cancer. The new system relies on a database of over 2,700 subtypes of cancer. Each record contains virtually the whole of human knowledge concerning that sub-discipline of cancer treatment. The system constitutes a kind of artificial intelligence that puts at the fingertips of oncologists the totality of human knowledge concerning the subtype of cancer they are currently treating.

As stated in this article, the system will also help patients to understand their options including the full spectrum of likely patient outcomes, including adverse drug interactions and planning for and executing a treatment regimen that will allow them to maintain as full a life as possible. This relieves some of the burden that physicians have traditionally born, freeing them to do what they do best, fighting disease.

The system will be maintained by a full-time team of oncologists, nurses and other medical professionals. The system will take into account updated knowledge regarding all studies, peer reviewed research and other current trends in oncological medicine. It is through initiatives like this to Cancer Treatment Centers of America is leading the way in defining what the future will hold for cancer treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the nation’s premier network of private cancer care facilities. It has treated tens of thousands of patients successfully and has allowed many the gift of a fulfilling and long life.

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