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Top 3 Horror Anime and Movies


Anime has graced the fans with a Japanese twist on horror anime. There is something unique about horror anime that can’t be found in other forms of media. They can feature horrible tentacle monsters or mind-blowing psychological horror twists, or apocalyptic scenarios. Here is a list of the top 3 horror anime and movies.


  1. Perfect Blue

This psychological horror anime on Netflix movie is directed by the legendary Satoshi Kon. The movie features a pop idol who is forced to live under devastating mental stress caused by her career transition into acting, a stalker doubling as a terrorist and lunatic fanatic. Watching this movie, you will feel as if you are right with the main character, questioning what is reality and what is imaginary. By the end of this classic horror animated movie, you will be left completely and utterly shocked by its series of plot twists.


  1. Magnetic Rose

Another classic horror movie with stunning animation and story written by Satoshi Kon is Magnetic Rose. It has been dubbed as the original “Inception” movie due to its spine-chilling scenes and depictions of death and psychological terror. The story follows astronauts who discover a space station riddled with classical decor and find themselves following a series of hallucinations, or are they? This movie is filled with twists and creepy suspenseful scenes, leaving the viewer with sheer terror. Magnetic Rose becomes an instant favorite among anime horror fans.


  1. Gyo

Possibly a controversial entry on this list is movie Gyo based on the manga series by big name J-horror artist Junji Ito. The movie saw some major alterations differing from the manga, but it still maintains all of the original and unique depictions of terror and gore. The movie follows a woman who is plagued by a horrible stench often compared to the smell of rotting corpses. She soon finds out that undead sea creatures of all sizes are making their way onto land and terrorizing all of Japan. Watch this movie if you are looking for some classic Junji Ito-style horror fun.