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Why Nick Verducci Helps Others Achieve Their Dreams In The Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci established NV Real Estate Academy in order to help others reach their dreams by investing in real estate. He holds seminars and workshops showing others how to use his techniques to make big money. His company is headquartered in Santa Ana, California and employs a number of trainers who teach many of the seminars to NV Real Estate Academy’s students.

After losing his father at a young age, Nick Vertucci’s mom had to work a couple of jobs, keeping her away from the family far too much. This led to troubles for him and at age 18 he was using his van as his home. At this point he started looking for way to get his life turned around.

Things turned around for Nick Vertucci once he started up a new business where he sold computer parts. During this time he got married and together they had three children. Unfortunately, the market crash of 2000, which particularly affected technology companies, devastated his business.

For a year and a half Nick Vertucci got by on very little income, eventually losing everything he had except his house. It was during these dark times that a friend recommended he attend a real estate training event he had attended and found very worthwhile. Nick Vertucci attended the event and he said that changed his life.

After learning everything he could at this event, Vertucci continued to research and learn about real estate investing. Eventually, he was very successful and is now a millionaire. Once this happened he decided that he needed to teach his system to others so that they, too, could get out of debt and make a lot of money.

The NV Real Estate Academy webpage has a large number of videos of prior students of Nick Verducci’s business who have gone on to achieve great success working in the real estate market for themselves. The videos mention things such as learning lessons that work in the real world before having to experience those pitfalls themselves. They are now achieving their goals and living their dreams thanks to Verducci and his easy to follow real estate system.