Malcolm CasSelle Is Working On Something New

Malcolm CasSelle is doing something new with a company that he is working on and the job that company has taken on. He has helped to create WAX, and this company is a blockchain platform for asset trading. This company is going to allow individuals to buy and sell virtual items without leaving the game that they are playing. WAX is doing something that other companies have not done and it is trying a new way of helping people with cryptocurrency needs.

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and someone who is always coming up with new ideas. He is someone who thinks outside the box and who is not afraid to try something that others have not done before. He is someone who enjoys investing in those companies that are in an early stage of development and he has been involved with some companies that have made it big. He was an active investor for Facebook when it was in an early stage. He was also an active investor for Zynga and some bit-coin companies. He is someone who sees a good idea and gets behind it, and that way of doing things has served him well through the years.

There is a certain education that can help a person with their work, especially when that work is technology-focused. Malcolm CasSelle received a bachelor’s degree through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then went on to receive a master’s degree from Stanford University. Both of his degrees were in computer science, and both have served him well in the work that he has done since graduating. Malcolm CasSelle has worked many different jobs and been involved in the work of a variety of companies. Most recently, he has been serving as the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange as well as CIO of OPSkins.

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