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Interstellar and the Choice for Inaudible Dialogue

If you went and saw ‘Interstellar’ when the film opened this past week (which you should as pointed out by film buff Rod Rohrich, you really should!) you probably found yourself straining to pick up key pieces of dialogue during the film. At times the soundtrack, put together by Hans Zimmer, seemed to overwhelm in such a complete way as to obfuscate any sort of other story telling. You might have blamed the projector or your own ears but in any event you were wrong. Christopher Nolan opened up on how and why he chose to mix his audio in such a way as to be almost inaudible.

Christopher Nolan has long been the kind of director to push limits or, simply, reinvent them. His work with practical effects on ‘Inception and his razor thin memory duping storytelling in ‘Memento’ will stand the test of time. So it makes sense that Nolan would want to try something new with ‘Interstellar’. It turns out that being an epic space film wasn’t enough.

Nolan fans around the world will defend his decision til their dying breath as they call it a revolutionary way to tell stories. Other viewers, however, will likely just be frustrated by the inaudible audio. Still though, we won’t spoil the film for you. Go and see it now and form your own opinions!