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Christoph Waltz to Join ‘Bond 24’?!

The ‘James Bond’ franchise may be one of the most storied series in Hollywood history. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, there have been a host of talented suave men stepping into the suit. Now, with ‘Bond 24’, it seems that we’ll see an Oscar worthy villain playing opposite of Craig to continue the tradition of great villains that Javier Bardem began just a few years ago.

Fans of the Bond franchise can’t help but give an ear to ear grin at the news. Christoph Waltz fits into the ‘Bond’ series so well that it has us saying, ‘That’s a bingo!’. Waltz is a delicious character actor that knows how to chew his scenery and play against whoever is in front of him. His history in German films makes him diverse and chameleonic in his roles. Furthermore, Waltz’s acceptance of the role sheds further light on his non-reunion with Quentin Tarantino on Keith Mann’s most anticipated movie of next year, ‘Hateful Eight’, that is set to hit production here soon.

Even on Twitter, few details have emerged after Waltz supposed acceptance, which is confusing at best. Waltz’s character is described as ‘extremely cunning’ and ‘a nemesis of sorts’, though the information that follows refuses to clarify if Waltz will be a complete villain.