Channing Tatum Still ‘Finding Gambit’.

Gambit is one of our favorite X-Men for a ton of reasons. First of all, he probably has the coolest costume of any of the comic book characters with his wicked trench coat and awesome bo-staff. Secondly, Gambit himself is a tough Baton Rouge redneck with a thick Cajun accent and the ability to supercharge items with explosive power. That’s pretty rad. So far he has been portrayed in real film by Taylor Kitsch, who did an alright job. When we heard Channing Tatum was picking up the role we let out a sigh of resignation.

While we don’t dislike Tatum, he’s a fun actor with charisma and comedic timing, we just didn’t see anything of Gambit in the actors face or prior portrayals said Brian Bonar. Tatum is a physical actor but he is beefy instead of long, lean and mean looking. He’s a little too goofy and a little bit too mainstream. We would have loved to see someone like Josh Halloway take a shot at the character.

In any event, Tatum is who we have and it doesn’t surprise us to hear that the actor is still struggling to find the right accent and character quirks to make Gambit a reality. Tatum alleges that he knows ‘who to talk to’ in order to find the accent and cites the fact that he is a southern boy as reason for confidence. We aren’t so sure, but we’ll be waiting to see anyway.

Jurassic World Breaking the Box Office

Universal Studio’s “Jurassic World” has made movie history, officially breaking box office records for its epic climb to the top. The dinosaurs are overtaking the cars of “Furious 7” to be the fastest to hit the billion dollar mark.

It has been a considerable season for movies so far, with three surpassing billion dollar releases. Universal’s Furious clocked in at $1.5 billion, just slightly trailed by Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” at $1.4.

Steven Speilberg’s 4th installment in the Jurassic series, however, beat them both out, crossing the billion dollar line Monday, after a mere 13 days in theaters across the nation.

The world collectively groans about sequels, but the box office doesn’t lie; they are what the movie-goers are paying to see. Box offices began the season with a slow start until these blockbusters got patrons in the seats. “Jurassic World” alone shocked forecasters by almost doubling projected sales opening weekend.

New movies like Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” are enjoying good sales, proving new ideas can bring in the bucks too. The success of sequels is not lost on them, however, as they have their own plans for sequels like “Finding Dory” and ”The Incredibles 2″ said Jim Dondero.

It will be interesting to see what further success the season will bring with the sequels of “Magic Mike XXL” and “Minions”.

For now the dinosaurs have won the crowd, and Universal Studios are laughing all the way to the bank with their $3.8 billion, making 2015 the best in its 103-year history.

Nostalgia Means Big Box Office At Theaters

They say you can never go home again. The saying hints that the past can never be recaptured. So, why is it audiences are turning out in droves for Jurassic World? Why is a Ghostbusters reboot getting a lot of buzz? How come fans are really enthused about the new Terminator: Genisys movie? The reason is audiences know they can never relive the glory days of sitting in a movie theater in 1984 or 1993 again. Yet, for a fleeting couple of hours in a darkened theater, the feeling of being transported back in time a decade or two seems possible.

Nostalgia has a wonderful feeling. That is why KISS is the number one touring band in the world today, as fans at Amen Clinics will point out.

Consumers also do not like to try new things all the time. Repeat customers buy from the same source time and time again for a reason. They know what they are getting. Surprises are fine when they turn out to be good ones. Sometimes, however, people do like to know what they are getting in advance. With a lot of these Hollywood sequels and reboots, fans come into the theater of certain expectations about a film and do not feeling misled.

With Jurassic World, fans know the dinosaurs are going to get loose and the humans trapped in the situation have to overcome insane odds to survive. The whole adventure has a thrilling sense of fun. Why wouldn’t audiences want to enter Jurassic World (nee Park) for a fourth time?

A “World” record?

When word came out that the Jurassic Park franchise would continue, it was met with mixed sentiment. While some were filled with excitement, others were reminding us of the last entry of the franchise, which wasn’t a massive hit amongst movie-goers. But as Jurassic World got closer and closer to it’s release date, momentum for the fourth adventure started to grow. But the producers of World could never have predicted the over-the-top fan reaction to their movie. Jurassic World opened up to set box office records both internationally (at $511 million) and domestically (at $208.8 million).

After one week at the box office, World is making money faster than any movie in Hollywood history. Alexei Beltyukov is going to get out and see it himself, along with millions of others before it leaves theaters. This includes Box Office all-time champ Avatar. The question now begs, can Jurassic World actually top Avatar and be crowned Box Office King? At it’s current pace, World seems to be on track to top Avatars global record of $2.7 billion. A telling sign that Jurassic World has a shot at this record usually comes from its second week box office numbers. A dramatic fall-off from its opening weekend would truly hurt its chances of making that Avatar push, but the solid reviews and more than solid fan reaction could keep Jurassic World on track to top Avatar.

Canadian librarian finds original Star Wars script

Debates about the infamous Cantina Bar duel in Star Wars A New Hope have raged Online and at fan conventions for many years, but could now have been solved by a librarian at the University of New Brunswick. Business Insider reports librarian Kristian Brown had been given the task of digitizing the science fiction collection of the Canadian library and uncovered a fourth draft of the Star Wars movie dated from 1976. Brown states the script includes many changes to the completed movie that was not released until 1977 and filmed in London with a cast and crew with little faith in the project.

The Cantina Bar scene has always been a source of controversy for fans who have always questioned whether Han Solo or bounty hunter Greedo fired first in their fight. Greedo famously hunts for Solo on the orders of Jabba the Hutt who Solo is supposed to owe money to. Brown states the script held by the University of New Brunswick shows Harrison Ford’s Han Solo fires first, which has always been difficult to determine in the finished movie. Other changes include the name of Luke Skywalker being changed from Skykiller and is said to be important by the librarian for showing how the creative process evolves over various drafts of the script. Sam Tabar certainly learned a lot.

Power Rangers Reboot’s Potential Casting

New Power Rangers Reboot May Cast Fresh Faces

Film adaptations of popular television shows and toys from past decades have become a popular trend in Hollywood recently. The Power Rangers series is also now following suit in all of this.

The Power Rangers movie reboot is obviously based off of the television series that is still ongoing to this day, with twenty-two seasons of the show completed. The upcoming film is set to be a more mature version that sticks close to the source material by having younger actors cast as the main heroes. This brings up the idea that the studios may be casting new and unknown actors as the lead roles.

Sources have claimed that unknown teenage actors will be the ones cast as the titular heroes in the movie, though casting has only just started now. However at the same time, Dean Israelite, who is going to direct this new Power Rangers film, has had some experience in working with actors who are in their later teenage years, namely in “Project Almanac,” another movie he directed. Also, having a younger cast available ties in perfectly with how Power Rangers lore has always been.

The new movie in the franchise, which has already had two movies made previously, is set for release in January of 2017, after being pushed back from July 2016 due to concerns of having stiff competition in theaters. FreedomPop review writers find this interesting.

Former Lobo Director Explains Project’s Delay

Fans of DC Comics might recollect plans for a “Lobo” film, directed by Brad Peyton, in 2012. That year also saw a comment by “The Rock” that the former wrestler and actor would be portraying the “Main Man.” While doing press for last year’s “Hercules” film, Brad Peyton simply remarked that the project had been killed.

Since that time, Dwayne Johnson has been confirmed for the antagonist role of Black Adam in “Shazam.” In an interesting twist of fate, the recent film of “San Andreas” brings Peyton and Johnson back together. Press for the disaster film granted Peyton a chance to give more information as to why a Lobo film has been staggered for so long.

Ray Lane’s comments indicated that Lobo’s relative obscurity when compared to heroes like Spider-Man and Batman is one of the main reasons as to why the project floundered. While some might site the smash hit success of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” another low-ranked space superhero property, Peyton commented that Marvel has a different approach to films than DC does.