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Paul Mampilly is an expert on financial matters. He is one of the people who has done so well in educating the masses on the importance of investing in the stock market instead of the traditional means such as bank accounts. Bank accounts keep your money intact but earn almost nothing. An investment in the stock market can multiply in a short time. Paul Mampilly is a graduate of Fordham University, from where he graduated with an MBA. His career in the Wall Street started in 1991 when he started working as an assistant portfolio manager for an organization known as Bankers Trust. He impressed with his performance, and soon he started going up the ladder. He joined other organizations such as ING, Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank.

In 2006, Mampilly started working as a hedge fund manager. He took up a role with the Kinetics Asset Management. The organization had $6 billion in the capital at the time he joined. At the time he was leaving, it was worth $25 billion. This is the highest increase that has ever taken place in this hedge fund, and the Barrons even featured it as the best return hedge fund.Paul Mampilly no longer works in the Wall Street, he is now freelancing but still very active in the financial sector. He has been appearing in business media to give opinions about various issues related to the industry. It is common to see him on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. His expertise in this industry is something that draws admiration from many people.

Paul Mampilly is now the author of the fastest growing financial publication in the United States known as the Profits Unlimited. This newsletter contains valuable information on some of the available investment opportunities that can generate money. With his deep knowledge about finances and spotting investment opportunities, investors who follow him are likely to be successful. Mampilly remains one of the most successful people in the financial sector, especially in the field of investments. He has mainly been trading technology stocks and small-cap stocks companies. His understanding of these industries helps him spot opportunities at the right time.

Fortress Investment Group Invests $20 Million In Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you have ever sat down at an airport to connect to the Wi-Fi network then you have probably linked up your device to iPass. iPass is an innovative technology company that specializes in connectivity options. The company operates worldwide with more than 64 million different hotspots. These hotspots are mostly centered around airports, hotels, restaurants, bars, event areas, sports stadiums and music halls.

iPass offers customers an incredibly comprehensive package of Wi-Fi connectivity options. Customers are allowed to connect to any of these Wi-Fi hotspots with an unlimited number of devices at any time. And the connectivity company plans to expand to 340 million different hotspots worldwide by the end of 2018.

They plan to facilitate this growth with a $20 million loan from Fortress Investment Group. The company’s CEO, Gary Griffiths, is excited about the loan even though his company can only get $10 million of the loan up front. The CEO says that the loan has fortified the company’s balance sheet and now they are free to focus on making a profit. He goes on to further state that the company laid down its patent portfolio as collateral for the loan which gives the company’s innovations credibility on a worldwide scale.

And iPass is doing business with one of the most powerful private equity firms in the world. Fortress Investment Group has been operating for nearly 20 years and is in charge of more than $40 billion worth of assets worldwide. The company started humbly in New York City with a few investments in real estate in the United States and in Canada. But it quickly diversified to command billions of dollars in assets.

Fortress Investment Group has always been on the cutting edge of technology investments. They understand that the growing need for Wi-Fi access should facilitate iPass’s growth to 340 million hotspots by the end of the year. Analysts believe that more business people are working on the go and that iPass can fill their need for convenient Wi-Fi connectivity across the globe. It’s just another sound investment from Fortress Investment Group that should pay dividends for their investors.

Fortress Investment Group Innovation

Successful investment is every group’s goals and targets. Fortress Investment Group is a leading and most diversified global investment management organization. It was private business organization and became the first private organization to go public.

Fortress Investment Group consists of assets which in the end, brings the company long-term cash flow. This asset includes capital funds and investment vehicles.

In its many years in operation, the group has created robust tools that are used for taking out value investments. In addition, it has developed strong expertise in controlling mergers and acquisition. Its operation management has impact relationships and understanding with members of the corporate board, management professional, among others stakeholders.

Historical Foundation

Fortress Investment Group was established by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, who are the current principals, together with Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. The founders’ target was to come up with a new alternative type of investment firm. This strategy raised private equity by investing in cutting-edge vehicles. As a result, the group assets under management expanded rapidly in the first five years from $400 million to nearly $3.9 billion. By 2007, the assets were approximately $32.6 billion.

In 1991, the Fortress Investment Group came up with its first vehicle. The company grew in debt and high exposure to risk funds. It therefore, became a success having grown over a short period of time. Its private equity funds also grew by 40% from 1999 to 2006.

Wes Edens and Randal Nardone are currently still involved in the running of the company. On the other hand, Kauffman after 15 years in the company, decided to concentrate on car racing; one of his long life interests. Kauffman purchased a 50% racing stake to compete on the NASCAR circuit. In addition, he established RK Motors Charlotte which facilitated restoration of vintage. Indeed, the company has encouraged numerous investors and created job opportunities for the unemployed.

Currently, Fortress group operations are divided into categories which include; private equity which is focused on the generation of cash flow, credit, and permanent capital vehicles divisions which was launched in 2002 by Briger.

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How Anthony Petrello managed to be the President of a Highly Rated Company in the Oil and Gas Industry

One of the professional traits that define an executive in the oil and gas industry is dedication. This is because for one to be the head of an oil and gas company, she or he should be committed to helping the company address customers’ complex demands. Anthony Petrello attributes much of his success, as an executive officer for Nabors Industries, to his hard work and dedication.

Education and Work Experience

Petrello is an alumnus of both Harvard Law School and Yale University. He acquired a master’s degree in math from Yale and a J.D from Harvard. His campus roommate in Yale University was Lloyd Grove, an editor for The Daily Beast. Grove once published an article on how humility contributed to Petrello’s success. As an attorney, Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie, which is based in New York. The law firm benefited from his expertise when he held the position of managing partner for five years.

In 1992, he decided to venture into the oil and gas sector after his short tenure in the law field. His first job in the sector was at Nabors Industries. He was hired as the president of the company, which is a branch of a Canadian multinational known as Nabors Exchangeco. Petrello was also the director of Stewart & Stevenson and before joining Nabors Industries. He played a huge role in restructuring the services of as well as recruiting competent personnel to work for the tech company.

Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is regarded as one of the longest-serving executives of Nabors Industries. As he held the chief executive officer position, the company generated revenue of more than $6 billion yearly from its services and products. Petrello is also celebrated for his efforts in growing Nabors’ professional team. Before he joined the firm, it had about 1,000 employees. During his CEO tenure, the firm’s professional team grew to 20,000 employees. In 2003, Nabors’ executive board named Anthony Petrello as the deputy chair. Nine years after his appointment, he was also promoted to board chair.

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Highland Capital Management’s Role As A Top Alternative Investing Firm

Highland Capital Management is an alternative investing company that is headquartered in Dallas Texas. The alternative investments that the company specializes in include real estate, distressed & special situations, high yield credit, emerging markets, and long/short equity. Highland Capital Management also manages hedge funds and structured investments.

In 1993, Highland Capital Management was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero. Mr. Okada serves as the Chief Investment Officer while Mr. Dondero is the President. Under their leadership, the company has achieved almost $15 billion in assets under management. The company has also grown into an international company with offices located in Dallas, New York, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. Highland Capital Management’s clients include high net worth individuals, public pension plans, endowments, corporations, fund of funds, and governments.

One of Highland Capital Management’s fund achieved huge growth in 2016, tripling the return of the S&P 500. The Highland Small Cap Equity Fund had invested heavily in energy stocks which paid off with a huge 32% annual return. This fund is managed by James Dondero and Michael Gregory, who is the Chief Investment Officer for Highland Capital Management’s subsidiary Highland Alternative Investors. For 2017, Michael Gregory believes that the healthcare sector will have a huge rebound over its 2016 performance where its return was -2.1%. He believes this rebound will happen because of the public health epidemic the United States has with opioid addiction. This epidemic will spur insurance companies to speed up the approval process for a new generation of less addictive painkillers.

Highland Capital Management gives generously to charities and nonprofits in the Dallas, Texas community. An example of this was the $1 million challenge grant that the company issued in support of The Family Place. The company matched up to $1 million in donations in order to complete this facility. The Family Place is a Dallas counseling center that provides assistance to those who suffer from family violence. It provides emergency shelter, counseling, job-training services, and a medical and dental clinic. Additionally, the management Highland Capital donates their time and expertise to various causes, such as James Dondero who is on the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board.