OPSkins with CIO Malcolm CasSelle is the Leading Bitcoin Merchant in the World

OPSkins, with the leadership of CIO Malcolm CasSelle, is a global seller of in-game virtual assets over the blockchain and is the leading Bitcoin merchant in the world. Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He continued his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Malcolm CasSelle has established a long productive career as an innovator, trendsetter, and leader within the digital industry through various appointments of leadership in some of the industry’s top global digital companies. Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is providing structured sound leadership in the industry of virtual assets within the gaming system industry. OPSkins has provided the structural approach to the transfer of virtual assets over the blockchain and is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry. In fact, the number of in-game virtual asset transfers at OPSkins is increasing by making them user-friendly through a systematic approach. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins are converted into game tokens that can be easily transferred across global, regional, and national borders without the interference of the centralized banking system. Bitcoin, in particular, has established headlines globally for its growth and expansion as a virtual asset. By producing a platform for the universal transfer of Bitcoin over one platform individuals can easily take advantage of the newly established blockchain. OPSkins is normalizing the blockchain by transferring assets easily with a safety, security and simplicity never before realized. OPSkins has become the leading innovator of new technologies to transfer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Providing safety and security in the execution of various trades of Bitcoin, OPSkins is revolutionizing the crypto industry by providing a secured approach to cryptocurrencies that will lead to the universal usage of the blockchain and other cryptocurrencies throughout the world. Taking advantage of the excellent leadership and intellectual prowess of CIO Malcolm Castillo, OPSkins has become the leading Bitcoin merchant in the world and established itself as a pioneer for future growth of the overall blockchain