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Cutting-Edge Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Brings Whole Body Health, says Dr. Johanan Rand

As the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey, Dr. Johanan Rand is passionate about educating patients, and providing optimal care to clients. His research of Bio-identical hormones has led him to awareness of how this approach can improve healthy living, slow the aging process, and allow those with chronic diseases such as diabetes to live longer, healthier lives.

Dr. Johanan Rand encourages healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating, cardio training, and keeping physically active ( ). Being in a country where there is such an abundance of unhealthy menus pushed through ads and marketing, we truly have to retrain our brains and bodies to crave healthy, wholesome options instead of the alternative.

With his cutting edge medical approach, he has relied on research and always educating himself further, attending medical conferences all over the country, reading, and keeping up to date on the latest advancements in medicine.

Dr. Johanan Rand stands by his practice, confident in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical hormones are safer than synthetic hormones, according to Dr. Johanan Rand, and there are less side effects. He advises that this therapy can help patients live healthier, longer, and fuller lives. With this therapy, the whole body is treated, not just the illness.

Dr. Johanan Rand began practicing this treatment in 2010, and has seen promising results. He explains how this therapy works in the body, beginning with learning to stay active and healthy eating habits. With bio-identical hormone therapy, the body ages and loses ‘good’ hormones, and the amount of ‘bad’ hormones increases. By balancing the levels, the body reacts to this as if it were a ‘younger’ you. Regeneration therapy is his field of expertise.

Dr. Johanan Rand treats the individual patient with a customized treatment plan, tailored to fit the unique needs of each person. After a physical examination, that even includes genetic testing and blood testing, he puts together your personal therapies including bio-identical hormone replacement, IV vitamin supplements, nutrition support, and activity recommendations.

Dr. Johanan Rand received his medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and is board certified in anti-aging medicine and regeneration therapy.