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Image Recognition Technology Used by Slyce

Slyce is a company that specializes in product and image recognition platform allowing consumers to identify and buy items that are offered by retailers. Slyce uses advanced visual search technology that is available on smart phones and other devices like desktop, laptops etc, to enable retailers to be ready to assist consumers in their areas of interest. Consumers are able to apply product recognition technology by identifying something they like on various social sharing sites. Indeed, Slyce has improved the way retailers interact with customers, and also the way consumers search and purchase items.

Slyce’s objective is to allow people snap photos of items in the real world and then assist them in identifying those items and direct them where to find to find the products. The company provides technology as a package to work under a platform called white-label solution. Slyce has partnered with six out of 20 top retailers across the U.S. The application will first identify the item, and then determine unique features on that item.

Market strategy and opportunity
Slyce’s marketing strategy is centered on creating a relationship with consumer brands and using modern technology as a reliable m-commerce solution. Therefore, the company’s marketing strategy is focused on strengthening and developing partnership with retailers and brands. The company has an immense market opportunity where the use of smart phones has facilitated M-commerce platform which is a major source of revenue for retailers.

Slyce has created opportunities for consumers to discover products they like and purchase them at any time they want. Consumers are only supposed to take pictures of the products they are interested in and let Slyce facilitate the process of buying. On the other hand, retailers are given opportunity to fulfill the needs of their customers anytime they are interested in their products.

FreedomPop Fills in a Gap for the Mobile Market

As the world continues to speed up, the need for high quality mobile services has increased. These days if you are going to be successful, you need a mobile plan, and you also probably need a data plan. The data industry has gotten increasingly competitive as more and more companies are attempting to compete for your dollars.

There are a wide diversity of options for those that wish to utilize a mobile data plan. In the early years of mobile data, almost every company in the industry had some type of unlimited plan, but these plans became expensive to provide, and thus companies moved towards data caps. The normal data cap was around 10 GB, which was agreeable to most people, because they were mostly using data for e-mail and social media.

Over the years, the demand for data has increased and many users have put pressure on their phone company to offer cheaper mobile data, so that they could watch Netflix and other video streaming sites on the go. This has lead to companies like ATT rolling out new unlimited plans. These plans are usually fairly expensive in nature, but they are sufficient for people that need a great deal of data.

While many people need a lot of data and are willing to pay for expensive plans for their data, some people are just looking for basic and cheap mobile service. One company has emerged to help people utilize mobile phone services. Freedompop started a few years ago in San Francisco. The company specializes in offering users free mobile services. These services have an extremely low data cap, but they are a major asset to those that need basic mobile phone service.

FreedomPop has endured many different acquisition offers from a wide variety of companies. These offers have approached $100 million, but the company has stayed the course. The company has gone through several rounds of funding and recently the company brought in $30 million. This funding has come from a wide variety of different venture capital companies. Investors are very high on FreedomPop’s potential. This company definitely has great potential.

One of the biggest signs of FreedomPop’s potential is their consistent expansion. Over the last few years, FreedomPop has consistently expanded to more and more cities across the United States. Now, FreedomPop looks to expand into international markets. FreedomPop recently announced that they were expanding into the United Kingdom. The plan FreedomPop has to offer is fairly basic in nature, 200 minutes of call time, 200mb of data, and 200 texts, which is comparable to basic plans in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop views the United Kingdom expansion as a major inroad into Europe, and the company is planning to expand further into Europe from here.

Today, you need mobile services in order to be successful. There are many companies looking to offer people unlimited mobile plans for a high price, but FreedomPop is looking to help those that are just looking for basic data. Check out more on FreedomPop through the TechCrunch article: “FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month