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Adam Goldenberg An Eye for Providing Solutions for the Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg believes 2017 is going to be an excellent year for him and his companies. Well, no one can deny that fact or even question it as Adam Goldenberg is not new to having significant achievements in his career. Adam, the co-founder of Fabletics and the Chief executive officer of a VIP membership fashion enterprise based in El-Segundo not new to success. By 1999, when he was still young Adam had sold his two-year-old gaming company Gamers Alliance to an established gaming based firm, Intermix Media. Years later, Adam has been able to develop other enterprises including Intelligent Beauty, Fabletics, and even JustFab.

In 2014, four years after JustFab’s launch, the company experienced growth and overwhelming support from consumers and the general public alike. In 2013, JustFab was able to raise more than $55 million in funding. This cash is set to aid the company to invest in expansion process as they also seek to diversify their client base. JustFab also acquired a shoe discovery service known as ShoeDazzle. Other than that JustFab has been able to expand its celebrity stylist membership program to five nations outside the United States and is set to grow significantly in more regions.

History was made when JustFab rebranded itself to TechStyle Fashion Group. Though unprecedented, the move was driven by the fact that the company was in the process of diversifying its investment portfolio hence the need to acquire a name for the brand that captured all this. Other than that, the change in the firm’s name is also set to be used to indicate that TechStyle products are Technologically arrived hence cementing the use of tech to come up with the company’s merchandise. Looking at products from ShoeDazzle, Fabkids and Fabletics it is true that TechStyle has been on the forefront of using technology to innovate and design its products.

Adam takes pride in running his various companies as they are changing the lives of everyday human beings positively. All this is evident when looking at Fabletics, Adam’s most successful business to date. Under Adam’s watch, Fabletics has risen from the ground to become a leader in the provision of sportswear and Activewear to women. The Merchandise Fabletics has been providing women is transforming the whole concept of sportswear apparel as they not only are fashionable to its consumers, but they are functional and stylish making the women using them feel that their needs professionally and individually are catered for by the company. Find out more about Adam Goldenberg: